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termitesTermites are one of the most destructive pests here in Virginia. Year round warm weather means these pests will grow their colonies and eat the wood throughout your home continuously, leaving you with costly property damage.

As a termite control company in Gainesville, ExtermPRO has removed termites from residential and commercial properties throughout Northern Virginia. Our termite removal services use up to date treatments, extensive local knowledge, and a dedication to protecting your home. Let us keep your home safe from wood destroying insects by calling us at 571-620-1168.

Our Advanced Termite Treatments in Gainesville, VA

As a northern Virginia termite company, ExtermPRO knows just how devastating a termite infestation can be for a local homeowner, and why it is important to use treatments that are proven to get rid of termites fast. Our solutions are among the latest for termite elimination and we are experienced in deploying them with an efficient strategy that targets local termites throughout the region.

Every property and infestation is slightly different, so we always start with a termite inspection in which we locate the nest, determine how far termites have spread through the property, and assess the number of termites in the colony. From this information, we can create a termite treatment plan for your property using any of the following methods:

  • Termite Baits – We place baits in the damp areas termites are most likely to occupy. Termites will take the bait back to their nest where it stunts their growth, limiting the colony. Baits also allow for monitoring for a proactive approach to termite control, enabling us to apply more advanced treatments if activity increases.
  • Liquid Treatments – We can apply liquid treatments to the soil, foundation, and wood throughout your property where termites live or eat through wood. These treatments can eliminate termites and act as a barrier to keep termites from crossing from a colony into your home.
  • Termite Foams – Expanding foam can fill up cracks and crevices in your home where termites can get in or move through the property to mitigate their access.
  • Fumigation – Generally only used with subterranean termites when there is an immediate danger due to the number of termites in the house or when a secondary colony has been started inside, fumigation diffuses a treatment throughout the property to kill termites. An additional treatment is often necessary to remove the nest outside of the home.

Many subterranean termite treatments offer lasting prevention as well to keep termites from returning to your home in the months or even years following a termite extermination. This can be helpful if your home is at a higher risk for termites or theft have been a reoccurring problem.

Types of Termites in Gainesville, VA

There are many termites in the United States, but here in Virginia, we are most prone to the subterranean termite – particularly the “Eastern Subterranean Termite.”

This termite gets its name from its preferred underground habitat. Colonies will often establish themselves in the soil near or underneath the foundation of a property. The worker termites in the colony then build tunnels out of mud to protect them as they cross from the nest into your property.

These termites need moisture in the soil where they build their nest to keep them hydrated. Between March and June, swarming termites will fly to seek out areas of damp soil where they can set up their colony. The dampness could be the result of a leak, poor drainage, or gutters that do not direct rainwater away from the foundation.

Subterranean termites eat cellulose, an organic material found in trees and plants. Out in nature, they are beneficial, breaking down old trees to make room for new growth. But most properties are made from this same organic material, and that attracts termites to your property.

Colonies of subterranean termites grow more slowly than other termite species, taking 5 to 10 years to fully mature to contain an average of 60,000 insects. However, termites start feeding on the wood nearly from the moment they move in, meaning damage is instantaneous.

How Termites Cause Damage

Termites eat constantly, with a 24 hour feeding schedule every day of the year. One small termite colony can consume the equivalent of a foot of a 2×4 plank of wood in approximately 6 months, which may not sound like a lot, but the actual eating habits prompt them to spread throughout a property so that their damage is not limited only to one area, leading to damage all throughout a home.
Termites will eat any organic material, including:

  • Wood – Wood siding, structural beams and joists, doors and window frames, furniture, and any other wooden item in your home can be a food source for termites and is their preferred source. They will eat pathways through the interior of the wood, weakening it and eventually leaving noticeable cosmetic damage and the potential for structural damage.
  • Paper – Books, files, wallpaper, and other paper products throughout your home can be food for termites, resulting in irreversible damage to items that are often sentimental or important.
  • Drywall – Sheetrock, or drywall, contains cellulose in its makeup, and is usually backed with thick paper. Although the drywall is often exposed to your living areas, the damage often begins inside and damage will only become visible when it is advanced.

Left long enough, a termite infested home could be weakened to the point of collapse, and it is not unusual for termites to live near a property for years without being noticed. Because they live underground and eat materials that are generally out of site, you may not notice their signs until the infestation is advanced.

This is why the average repair costs after a termite infestation are $3,000. Finding termites early and getting professional termite extermination at the first sign of wood destroying insects limits the damage they can cause and how big the colony can grow, making both extermination and any subsequent repairs more affordable.

Why Get Rid of Termites with ExtermPRO

Termite extermination requires solutions that are fast and effective, and a team that is able to choose the right treatments for your home. This is the only way to ensure that termites are eliminated and your home is protected from any further damage.

ExtermPRO is the area’s top choice for termite extermination. Beginning with an in depth, professional inspection, we make sure we fully understand the specific challenges at your home to create a personalized treatment strategy. Throughout the process, we are:

  • Transparent – From the initial inspection and throughout treatment, we are up front with you about what we see in terms of infestation and damage, and discuss all of the available treatment options.
  • Non-Invasive – We prioritize treatment that will be effective with the least possible time, cost, and disruption on your property.
  • Eco-Friendly – All of our termite control methods are safe to use around homes with some options for chemical-free termite management. If for any reason we need to do something that could pose risks, like fumigation, we’ll discuss these with you far in advance.

In Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, and other local towns, any property – commercial, residential, and more – can also experience termite infestations, since almost every property has wood for termites to consume. Our treatment methods can successfully eliminate termites at these larger properties and work against both new and well established colonies.

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