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Cockroach in houseAlthough they are often associated with unkempt properties, cockroaches can infest nearly any home or business. All they need is a few crumbs of food and some water – two items which are found almost everywhere. Cockroaches are unlikely to leave once they get in. Instead, their numbers will continue to grow until you take action to get rid of them.

ExtermPRO is a northern Virginia pest management company with affordable and effective cockroach control in Gainesville. We keep cockroaches out of residential and commercial properties with comprehensive quarterly and bi-monthly pest control, as well as one-time solutions. Contact us at 571-620-1168 to find out how we can exterminate cockroaches on your property.

Types of Cockroaches in Gainesville, VA

We have dozens of different cockroaches in the area. But only a few are likely to invade your property. There are three main species of roaches that infest properties in this area. Each looks slightly different and shows different behaviors. These include:

  • German Cockroaches – This is the most common roach inside homes. They are light brown with two black stripes. Although they have wings, you will more often find them running than flyings. Their diet is extensive and they most often live in small holes and crevices near their source of food or water.
  • American Cockroaches – American roaches are larger than German cockroaches and have a reddish color. They prefer outdoor environments but come inside to escape cool weather or if they find a reliable source of food. Since they like damp and humid environments, they most often live in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Oriental Cockroaches – These roaches are less prevalent in Gainesville, but not impossible to find. They are generally black and anywhere from 1 to 2 inches long. When they live inside of your property, they often inhabit basements, crawl spaces, wall voids, and other damp areas.

Wood roaches are another type of cockroach that lives in Northern Virginia, but not one that is likely to infest your home. Instead, they live in trees and woodpiles and cannot survive in dry interior conditions. If you see one of these roaches flying around inside your property, it will likely die within a few days.

However, wood roaches look very similar to German roaches, so it can be worthwhile to get professional pest control whenever you spot a cockroach in your home. It may not be possible to tell the difference, and if wood roaches do find their way into your home often, it can be a sign that there are openings that are going to attract more pests in the future.

Why Cockroaches Are a Problem

Roaches come into homes seeking food, water, and shelter from the outdoor elements. They can squeeze through small holes around pipes, screens, foundations, walls, and elsewhere on your property. Unsealed food or exposed trash can provide a food source, and a leak, dripping faucet, or clogged drain can provide water for cockroaches.

Once inside, roaches often live in kitchens, basements, utility rooms, and bathrooms, living beneath appliances and within cabinets.

Cockroaches will not sting and they typically do not bite, but they still cause potential health hazards, including:

  • Bacteria – Cockroaches can carry bacteria on their bodies and in their feces. These bacteria include Salmonellosis, E. coli, giardia, cholera, and others that can spread to people or animals on the property.
  • Contamination – Since cockroaches will often spend their time in kitchens where food is, you can expect them to crawl across food prep surfaces and dishware. They can also get into any unsealed food. This results in contamination from the bacteria they carry.
  • Allergies and Asthma – Roaches shed their skins and leave oils and droppings throughout a property. These can asthma attacks in those with asthma and frequently lead to allergic reactions for those inside of the property.

Roaches are also a nuisance. Large, fast-moving, and hard to kill, cockroaches are disturbing even without their risks. But while the sight of a cockroach may be unpleasant, the greater challenge is that seeing one roach can mean there are hundreds more nearby.

Cockroaches search for food at night and are good at hiding, so it is unlikely you will see them during the first days, weeks, or even months of the infestation. This gives the infestation time to grow before you realize it is there.

How fast the roach infestation grows depends on the species. A single pregnant American cockroach can result in over 800 new roaches in a year. A German cockroach can result in over 300,000 new roaches.

All these challenges make it important to prevent roaches wherever possible and eliminate them quickly if they have made their way into your home.

Our Approach to Roach Control in Gainesville

The best strategy for cockroach control is prevention. Sealing holes, preventing leaks, and keeping your home free of crumbs and trash will make your home less attractive for cockroaches, while preventative pest control can keep them out for good.

At ExtermPRO we offer two pest control plans to remove cockroaches and keep them from coming back all year long:

  • Bi-Monthly Cockroach Control – A visit to your property every other month enables us to identify roaches as soon as they enter your yard and take quick steps to mitigate any infestations. We also apply a seal around your home that prevents cockroaches from entering between visits.
  • Quarterly Cockroach Control – Homes with less risk of roach or bug infestations often find less frequent quarterly visits enough to keep the majority of pests away due to the lifespan of our treatments.

During our visit, we look for signs of cockroaches around your home. Then we apply our pest treatments around the exterior of your property, laying a barrier around your home that pests, including roaches, will not cross. If you already have cockroaches on your property, we are able to come right away to provide interior pest control as well as to eliminate these roaches and their eggs.

Commercial Cockroach Control in Gainesville

Cockroaches in a home are unpleasant. But roaches inside your business are a serious health concern and can have a lasting impact on your reputation and finances. If your business is food service, cockroaches can contaminate prep surfaces and stored food, resulting in lost profits and health code violations.

But it is not only restaurants that are at risk for cockroaches. Any property with a small amount of food and water can attract these common pests. At ExtermPRO, we are able to offer commercial pest control in addition to our residential pest control solutions.

We use pest treatments that can create a barrier around any size property so that you know pests are kept away.

Why Keep Your Home Pest Free with ExtermPRO?

For cockroach extermination in Gainesville, ExtermPRO is the leading local choice for pest control. Our friendly pest control professionals deliver knowledgeable and dependable service while providing:

  • Eco-Friendly Options – Our treatments are created from natural ingredients that are effective against roaches, but not harmful to your family or any pets.
  • Lasting Protection – With modern pest control, you no longer need monthly visits to ensure bugs cannot get into your home. Our treatments keep roaches out with bi-monthly or quarterly visits, saving you money.
  • Advanced Treatments – We also use the most scientifically advanced treatments that are targeted to roaches and the other pests we eliminate here in Gainesville, making it possible for us to provide the most effective pest control currently available.

We are a local company and have spent our years protecting homes and businesses in Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrington, and nearby cities from roaches. We have experience with all of the local cockroach species, their behavior throughout the seasons, and which spaces they are most likely to occupy in local homes and have tailored our treatments to effectively and quickly remove roaches and keep them out.

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