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SilverfishSilverfish are a small, wingless insect, getting their name from the silvery color and the way it moves like a fish. They are most active at night and avoid light, so you’re most likely to find them in your attic or basement. Because they like moist environments, they’ll also get comfortable in your bathtub, sinks, and showers. And they are fast—faster than their predators, like spiders.

Here are the signs:

  • Seeing a silverfish. But this doesn’t mean you have an infestationyet!
  • Spotting feces that look like peppercornssmall, round, and black
  • Holes in wallpaper, books, magazines, and other papers
  • Yellow stains
  • Shed skin

The Smartest Bugs in Your Home

They love books! To eat them, that is. So much that they’ll make their home in your personal library or old photo albums and ruin them in the process. They will also eat clothing, oats, flour, and sugar.

Preventive Measures Are Your Best Defense against Silverfish

Because they love humid environments, a dehumidifier will make your home uncomfortable for them. Also be mindful of where and how you store your old books and magazines. Keeping them in cardboard boxes in your basement or attic are no-nos. Instead, use air-tight containers or use this as an opportunity to clear the clutter.

Store your food—including baking supplies—in appropriate ways. This will prevent silverfish and many other pests from snacking on your food.

Rid Your Home of Silverfish with Our Help

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Silverfish Control Services

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