Commercial Pest Control in Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, and Beyond

Northern Virginia is a growing hub for businesses, whether it is the office complexes in Ashburn, the stores and restaurants opening to support local population growth, or schools throughout the area.

Many property owners know – or will soon discover – that Northern Virginia is also a hotspot for pests. High relative humidity, warm summers, mild winters, and an abundance of trees and green space make local cities the ideal habitat for many insects, spiders and rodents. The close proximity of pests to local restaurants, stores, hotels, schools and offices mean that all of these properties are at risk for a pest invasion, putting your financials and business operations at risk.

Commercial property owners in Gainesville, Bristow Centreville, and other local cities in Northern Virginia need a pest control company they can trust to get rid of pests and provide lasting protection. At ExtermPRO, we rely on innovative treatments proven that enable us to get pest populations at your business under control and manage pests in the long term with our ongoing protection plans.

Our team takes the best possible care of your property, treating it as if it was our own. We work with you to create a pest control plan designed around your property needs, pest goals, and your budget. Contact our friendly team at 571-620-1168 to schedule an initial evaluation of your commercial property and get a personalized quote for treatment.

Property Types We Serve at ExtermPRO

Pests don’t care about the size of your property or the value of the services. They need a place to live safely, and that often means that they’ll find their way inside of your building. That is why we have designed our services at ExtermPRO to fit all local businesses. Our treatment methods scale to the size of your property, giving us the ability to tailor treatment that exactly meets your needs and budget.

We can provide everything from one time pest control for a small boutique to ongoing services at an entire school campus, and everything in between. The properties we most often work with in Northern Virginia include:

We also have an extensive service range in the Northern Virginia area. Our headquarters are in Gainesville, and we serve the surrounding residential and business communities of Bristow, Centerville, Warrenton, Haymarket, Ashburn, Fairfax, and more.

If you own a commercial property anywhere in Northern Virginia and need pest control, we can let you know what options we have available for your area.

Pests We Treat at Commercial Properties

Pests will move inside in an effort to find shelter, water, and food. Shelter and water is easy enough to come by in most properties, especially if you have any leaks in or around the building.

Most busy commercial properties will also have plenty of food for insects and rodents. Any business that processes or sells food is an obvious choice for pests, but office buildings, retail stores, entertainment venues, and schools can have plenty of food and ample trash where pests can find a meal.

Some of the most common pests can cause problems for local businesses include:

  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Stinging Insects
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Mice
  • Rats

Our one time pest control at ExtermPRO can take care of any of these pests if you are having an issue with them on your priority.

Our seasonal preventative pest control is also built around these various pests. With quarterly pest control, we offer exterior pest management for the majority of these insects and rodents. Bi-monthly pest control also includes mosquito and flea control for the maximum pest coverage on your property.

Why Choose ExtermPRO for Commercial Pest Control in Northern Virginia?

You have many choices for pest control in Northern Virginia. But as a business owner, you understand the importance of quality of service and the professionalism of the team, and need a pest control company that can deliver the same excellence that your business does.

ExtermPRO has invested in the latest treatments and training. Our pest solutions are powerful enough for any business and any infestation, no matter how aggressive. By providing some of the best treatments on the market, you are never left wondering if your pest control will be effective and long lasting.

We use ongoing training and stay up to date with the latest news and innovations in pest control to be sure that we are always providing the best possible service. But it is the quality of the team you interact with when you work with ExtermPRO that makes our service the top choice for commercial pest control in Northern Virginia. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions you have. We are also ready to help you step back from worrying about the past and instead depend on our team to keep them under control with:

  • Science-Backed Solutions – Our treatments use the latest pest control science to deliver dependable results.
  • Competitive Prices – Every choice you make as a business owner impacts your finances. We use effective methods that work quickly, minimizing the cost you pay to get rid of pests at your business.
  • Eco-Friendly Treatments – We keep your employees and customers safe by using eco-friendly treatments that are safe around people and animals.
  • Guaranteed Services – Our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you see any bugs or rodents after service is complete, we have additional solutions we can use to fix the issue.

With our focus on the details, customized treatment plans, and dedication to keeping up property we work with pest free, you can count on ExtermPRO to be your partner in pest management.
Our Commercial Pest Control Services

ExtermPRO understands how disruptive pests can be to your business. This is why we treat pests in Northern Virginia with advanced products and methods that we know will get rid of pests fast and get your business back to normal functioning.

But what really sets us apart at ExtermPRO is our preventative approach to commercial pest control. Rather than waiting for pests to become a problem, we work to stop them before they even arrive on your commercial property. This is an effective way to manage pests without you needing to worry about bugs at every moment, leaving you free to manage your property or business.

Meanwhile, we regularly monitor and treat the property for the various kinds of pests in Northern Virginia, ensuring that your business remains pest free. We are able to customize our comprehensive services to provide the results you need for your property.

Whether you have a pest infestation right now that you need to get rid of or want to avoid having to deal with pests in the future, we create a pest control plan with one time services, ongoing services, and treatments for specific pests.

Pest Protection Plans for Year-Round Pest Management

Our pest protection plans are at the foundation of our service at ExtermPRO, and they are a recommended choice for all local commercial properties. With either quarterly or bi-monthly-monthly pest control visits, one of our pest professionals comes to your commercial property on a regular schedule.

The first visits are all about getting any existing pest problems under control. Even if you haven’t noticed a pest control issue and you just want to schedule regular service, it helps to have one comprehensive treatment to address any pests that may already be on the property.

After that, we continue to provide preventative treatments that reduce the chances pests can get inside your property. We also regularly monitor the exterior of the property and the surrounding areas to determine if there are any potential risks, giving us a chance to intervene early before those risks can become an infestation.

To effectively treat and monitor pest populations, we will do the following at each visit:

  • Inspect – During an inspection, we will look for pests or signs of pest activity around your property. This helps us determine any special treatments that might be necessary or report potential issues we are seeing. The inspection also lets us know where bugs are entering your property and helps guide us on where to apply treatment.
  • Treatment – After the inspection we apply our eco-friendly treatments around the exterior of your commercial property, focusing on the foundation, doors, window, cracks, and other potential entry points for bugs. We can also provide treatment to different exterior areas depending on the types of pests are present.
  • Spider Dewebbing – We pull down all spider webs around the exterior of your property. This discourages the spiders from nesting there and also helps make your property look as professional as possible.

Our preventative pest control is largely an exterior service, meaning our team does not need to go inside your business or office space unless you want us to or you’ve spotted some type of specific pest. We can use our treatments to create an exterior seal. If there are pests indoors, we can arrange separate treatment as part of your Pest Protection Plan interior service warranty, scheduling interior treatment at a time that works for your business.

We provide our ongoing commercial pest control on either a bi-monthly or quarterly schedule. The specific treatments we use are long lasting and a reapplication at each visit leaves minimal to no lapse in the protective barrier around your business.

One Time Pest and Rodent Removal

If you have pests in your business, you need them gone fast and completely. Our one time pest control is a reliable option to get rid of a current pest infestation after you have noticed bugs, rodents, or any signs of pests.
We start with an evaluation of your property to determine where the bugs or rodents are living, how they are gaining access, and how far the problem has spread. Once we have that information, we can deploy the treatment

Our pest control treatments work fast and are safe to use around your business. For a rodent infestation, we may lay and monitor rodent traps in strategic locations on your property where rodents are active. To help support local businesses dealing with pest problems, we can work with you to schedule visits at times when they will have the least disruption to daily operations. Our local knowledge of pests and pest management training enables us to pick the most direct solution to exterminate pests in Northern Virginia properties.

We consider the treatment plan complete only once we are sure that we have exterminated pests completely and you are confident that your business is pest free.

Commercial Termite Inspections and Extermination

Termites are an issue for properties throughout Northern Virginia, and commercial properties are no exception. The process for dealing with termites is different from seasonal pests, but ExtermPRO offers all of the services you need to help minimize costly termite damage at a commercial property.

The local termite species are subterranean termites that live in the soil around the building that serves as their food source. This makes them difficult to detect, which can allow damage to go on for several months or years before the property owner realizes there is an issue. Subterranean termites will also spread throughout a structure. If the colony has lived on your property long enough, the extermination process can be extensive and repairs can be costly.

We address this problem through regular termite inspections. An annual inspection provides us an opportunity to look at every area of your property where termites might be hiding and note any activity or other signs of termites.

If we detect termites during inspection, or you notice them on your own, we have a variety of termite treatments we can use to get rid of them. Some of these treatments even offer long term preventive benefits.

Get Started Fixing Pest Control Problems at Your Business – Contact ExtermPRO Today

Your commercial property can represent your livelihood and the livelihood of others. Making sure that it is healthy, comfortable, and free of pests is a must for you as a property owner. ExtermPRO makes achieving a pest free property simple by handling all the details and giving you the tools you need to get rid of infestations and keep them away, all at some of the area’s most affordable prices.

Begin your service today with a free evaluation from our team where we will inspect your property, discuss your needs, and share more information about our services. Set up a visit by calling us at 571-620-1168.