Pest Control for Stores and Retailers in Northern Virginia

Cities throughout Northern Virginia are experiencing a population boom, and more people means more foot traffic to your store. While this can be good for your sales, more people means pests are a bigger concern than ever before if customers start to notice bugs or rodents around your store.

ExtermPRO is a pest control company in Northern Virginia with a proactive approach to managing bugs and rodents at retailers in the area. We use state of the art technology and equipment, as well as the latest knowledge of pest science, to consistently provide effective extermination and ongoing pest control. Reach out to our team at 571-620-1168 for a customized quote.

Our Retail Pest Control at ExtermPRO

Preventative pest control is the foundation of our services at ExtermPRO, and the most effective way to manage flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice, and rats that will often infest stores in Northern Virginia. We offer both quarterly and bi-monthly pest prevention plans that provide exterior pest control and ongoing monitoring to identify risks before they can become problems.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Pest Extermination – If pests have already made it inside, our team will conduct an in depth inspection to locate the bug and determine what species it is. This helps us to customize a rapid treatment plan, as well as determine how the bugs got in so that we can take steps against future infestations.
  • Rodent Control – Mice and rats can find food in almost any property. We manage them with a combination of trapping to get rid of mice inside and exclusion to block off the holes that mice came through. This reduces the chances that rodents can return after our rodent control.
  • Termite Control – If you own a retail building, termites can be another risk for your property. Termites are an aggressive pest in Northern Virginia that can cause expensive damage, but our inspections and termite treatments can catch termite activity early and get rid of wood destroying pests.

All of our pest control methods are scientifically-backed and eco-friendly. This enables us to provide pest control that is effective and safe for your employees and customers.

Advantages of Ongoing Pest Control at Your Store

Cities like Gainesville, Centreville, Fairfax, and Manassas already have a high rate of pest infestations due to the local climate. But those in the retail industry have additional concerns when it comes to pests. Supplier deliveries, customers, and employees can all accidentally bring bugs and rodents to your store. Bugs can also get in through open doors and small gaps around the property.

Food retailers like grocery stores, specialty food stores, and convenience stores can attract bugs and rodents with food stock, although retailers without can still have the food, water, and shelter to sustain pests.

With these added risks, we recommend maintaining a year round pest control program at your retail property. This helps keep pests out of your store, and exterminates any bugs on the property in the earliest stages, so you do not have to worry about:

  • Health risks and bacteria from pests.
  • Upset customers.
  • Expensive extermination.
  • Lost product.
  • Health department inspections.
  • Harm to employees.

A preventative pest control plan from ExtermPRO also means you do not have to spend time worrying about pests. You can focus on serving your customers and growing your business while we manage pest concerts.

Start the Pest Control Process at Your Retail Property with ExtermPRO

If you own a business or a retail-zoned property, you need to have a plan for pests and a partner you can call on at the first sign. ExtermPRO can help you make a custom plan that will keep bugs out of your business and prevent them from eating away at your financial bottom line. Contact us to get started today.