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Black Widow spiderSpiders are often considered to be a helpful “pest” because they eat the bugs that we don’t want around our homes. But they are still pests, and living with one on your property is often distressing. Although poisonous spider bites are rare, other spiders can create bites that feel like painful stings. The presence of spiders on a property also means that other pests are likely there as well.

At ExtermPRO, we recognize that spiders are part of a larger pest problem, and have the solutions needed to get rid of spiders and all the pests that can infest your home or yard. To find out more about our approach to spider control, or learn more about our pest protection plan, reach out to our team at 571-620-1168.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

There are two poisonous spider species in Northern Virginia. A bite from either of these spiders will often cause pain, a burning sensation, swelling, and redness at the location of the bite. As the venom spreads, it can lead to nausea and vomiting, sweating, muscle stiffness, trouble breathing, and pain throughout the body, all of which may require medical attention.

The two dangerous spiders in the local area are:

  • Black Widow Spiders – With a shiny black body and a distinctive red hourglass shape on their abdomens, these spiders are about ½ inch wide. They prefer dark and undisturbed hiding spaces like garages, basements, sheds, and under porches. They often hide in firewood as well. Black widows are most active at night.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders – These spiders have a light brown or yellowish body with a mark in the shape of a violin on its abdomen. They like dark corners as well and may be found in basements and attics, behind kitchen cabinets, and in garages, sheds, and barns. Brown recluses tend to avoid humans and will only attack when they feel threatened.

The effects of a bite can vary between people with some experiencing minor symptoms and others being severely affected. Young children and the elderly are usually at the greatest risk after a bite.

There are many other spiders that can be found on your property and in natural habitats in Gainesville, Haymarket, and Bristow. The two most common to see inside your home are the American house spider and the jumping spider. Wolf spiders, Virginia’s largest spider measuring an inch wide or more, are often found outdoors in yards, but can be seen in basements and attics.

None of these spiders are harmful to people or your pets. A few will bite if handled which sometimes leave a bite similar to that of a mosquito or bee sting. These types of spiders are best left alive outdoors, since they eat mosquitoes and other unwanted insects, but when you start seeing them often in your home, it is a sign of a problem.

Detecting Spiders in Your Home

Before you see a spider, there are often other signs that can indicate a growing problem. Many spider species, such as black widows and wolf spiders, are also active at night and retreat to dens during the day, meaning you might not see them even if several are present.

Some of the signs of spiders include:

  • Cobwebs – Spiders spin a natural silk to make their webs and travel from place to place. Afterwards, the silk strands catch dust and form cobwebs. These cobwebs can be a small single strand of silk or the remains of an entire web, and will often be in corners or trailing from walls.
  • Egg Sacks – Spiders wrap their eggs in silk and hang them on vertical surfaces, often near windows. The sack will be round and elongated.
  • Other Bugs – In the same way that spiders mean other insects are present, other insects mean spiders are likely close behind. If you are dealing with any kind of pest infestation already, you will likely see an increase in spider activity.

Our team can often determine from these signs and others during our visual inspection if spiders are currently a significant problem at your home and business so that we can take steps to remove them. Because the same strategies to get rid of spiders also help get rid of other pests, usually we see spiders as a sign that you should consider ongoing pest control.

How Our Ongoing Pest Protection Plans Deal with Spiders

Typically, spider control is not a one time treatment. Instead, it is part of an ongoing pest control service, providing not only extermination but also prevention.

Our bi-monthly and quarterly pest protection plans use regular visits to your home or business to keep pests, including spiders, away from your property. Our services include:

  • Pest Prevention – We use treatments prevent the pests and spiders around your property, creating a barrier that spiders, and other pests, cannot cross so that they are no longer a problem inside of your home. We’ll also look around you property for signs of black widows and other spiders, to ensure that you’re not at risk for their bites.
  • Interior Treatments – If you already have been noticing spiders on your property, we can apply an interior treatment that eliminates both spiders and other pests, to help ensure that there are no unwanted bugs hiding inside of your home.
  • Spider De-webbing – Cobwebs are unsightly, but they can also contain spiders and egg sacks, so removing them is important for managing spider populations. We remove all cobwebs on the exterior of your property, and can remove them inside if you have some you cannot reach.

During each treatment, we use the latest products and methods for pest control. These incorporate up to date science for treatment solutions that are highly effective and long lasting so you will not have to worry about pests between our visits.

Why Trust ExtermPRO with Spider Control in Gainesville and N. Virginia?

ExtermPRO is a local Gainesville pest control company serving Bristow, Warrenton, Haymarket, and other local towns and cities. We take a range of steps to eliminate spiders and make it so that there are no pests that will bring spiders back to your home. In addition to our experienced, professional team, we use:

  • Full Service Pest Treatments – We apply pest control solutions that address all pests, not only spiders, so that you’re able to eliminate both spiders AND their food sources.
  • Year Round Control – The types of pests and spiders that infest homes changes over the course of the year based on weather and breeding seasons. Ongoing spider control ensures that you are prepared before spiders become a problem, using treatments designed for each season.
  • Guaranteed Pest Removal – The treatments we use and our experienced pest professionals make it possible to keep you home spider free in the time between your bi-monthly or quarterly treatments. If there is a significant number of spiders or other pests between your treatments, we provide a follow up visit to ensure spiders are eliminated.

Our pest control for spiders and other insects is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This ensures that adults, children, and pets on your property are safe after we have applied treatment whether we are working indoors or out.

Contact ExtermPRO to Eliminate Spiders on Your Property

A lone spider in your house can be carried outside or smashed with a tissue. But whatever attracted the spider to your home in the first place – and the entrances they used to get inside – will likely continue drawing in spiders. Let ExtermPRO eliminate spiders and the pests that attract them on your property with our range of pest control solutions. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to get a no obligation estimate.

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