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This is the time of year for stink bugs. The cooling temperatures push stink bugs to move indoors where they quickly become a nuisance in your home. They are harmless insects, but the smell they release is unpleasant and having a large number of bugs living in your home is always going to be a hassle.

There are no rooms in your house where pests are welcome, but they are particularly unwelcome in kitchens. Whether they are spreading bacteria, contaminating stored food, or simply too close to your cooking spaces, you want to keep bugs out of the kitchen.

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year. And each year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars trying to unsuccessfully prevent or get rid of termites at their homes with various DIY methods. These DIY methods can include store bought solutions and home remedy advice.

You have a lot to consider when you buy a home - neighborhood, square footage, backyard size. You also want to buy a home that is safe, in good condition, and not going to cost you thousands in repairs over the next years. Pests are a key issue that can be a cause of damage and discomfort if they are already residents in your new home.