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Catching termites early and applying effective treatments is the best way to avoid the costly problems that termites often lead to. On the average, a termite infestation in Fairfax can cost homeowners $3,000 in repairs, as well as the costs of termite extermination.

By targeting areas like shrubs and grass, mosquito control makes a yard far less habitable. Here is how those treatments work and what makes them effective while still being safe to use around your property.

One of the recommended treatment options for cockroaches in Gainesville and other cities in Northern Virginia is exclusion. Roaches can often be resistant to insecticides, making excluding them by closing off any openings that they might be able to squeeze through in order to get inside is a reliable technique for dealing with roaches.

When you want to get rid of cockroaches quickly, turning to DIY solutions can often seem like an appealing option, particularly when you already have the suggested DIY ingredients on hand. But not every DIY roach solution will provide the right results.

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