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Bristow is a wonderful city to live in, and it only continues to get better. One of the few drawbacks, however, is the number of pests in the area. Bristow has a warm climate with high humidity and relatively short winters that mimics the tropical climates where many species of bugs thrive. This results in a high number of pests when you are outdoors in Bristow, and increases the chance that local homes and businesses could experience a pest infestation.

Wintertime usually offers a respite from pests in the Gainesville and Centreville area. When cold temperatures and the occasional snow cause many pests to die off, others overwinter, a process similar to hibernation in mammals. Despite not seeing so many pests outdoors, many homeowners wonder why they seem to see more ants in their kitchens than at other times of year.

Termite swarming season is about to start here in Virginia. As soon as next month, flying termite swarmers will start looking for new places to build their colonies. These termites are looking for an area with damp soil and a source of wood nearby to eat.

many of the most often spotted bugs and wildlife in Virginia are not native to the area. They have been introduced over the years, brought from other parts of the world. Their aggressive natures and adaptability have enabled these invasive species to flourish in our area until they become a troublesome invader at local homes.