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Tick Control

While ticks do not jump or fly, their natural environment allows them the perfect access to their prey. They drop from trees or hide in the grass waiting for deer, dogs, and humans to come close enough to latch onto. Ticks can go as long as 200 days without food or water and can live as long as 2 years. On lawns, 82% of deer ticks have been found within 9 feet of the lawn’s edge, especially areas adjacent to woods, stonewalls, or ornamental plantings.

Tick-Borne Illnesses in Virginia

Lyme Disease

The symptoms of Lyme disease include a bullseye marking, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and headaches. It is important Lyme disease is treated immediately because it can cause severe symptoms that persist for a long time.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Lone star ticks and dog ticks spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever. As the name suggests, this tick-borne disease causes a fever. There is also a rash that begins on the wrists and hands and spreads to the torso over hours to days. It is life-threatening if not treated.

Flea Control

Fleas are happy to hitch a ride into your home on your four-legged baby, spelling trouble and frustration for your family.

Your Four-Legged Family Member Loves to Share

If Fido gets fleas, your home does too. Fleas will bite humans, causing red spots surrounded by haloes that are extremely itchy. These bites will most often be on your feet and ankles because the fleas stick close to the ground, but will make their way on the couch or bed if Spot gets up too.

One way you can prevent a flea infestation is to make sure your fur-baby stays up to date on his flea medicine. Set a reminder on your phone or add it to your calendar. It will help Fido and you!

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