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Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and More

YellowjacketDifferent types of bees and wasps are found all throughout nature. Most of the time, these pests leave humans alone. But some, especially paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and similar species, are territorial and can be aggressive. If you have these stinging pests too close to your property, it can put you and your family at risk.

ExtermPRO is available to provide help with any and all types of stinging pests. We can remove nests, prevent invasions, and make sure that your family is safe from stings both with one-time services and ongoing prevention. Learn more about our services and support by calling our team at 571-620-1168. We are proud to serve the Northern Virginia area, including Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrington, and nearby cities.

Types of Bees and Wasps Found Locally

Bees and wasps share many similarities. Some, like the yellow jacket wasp and honey bee, are easily mistaken for each other. But beyond their looks and their ability to sting in defense, they are really two different types of pests.

The majority of bee species in Gainesville – well over 1,000 native types of bees – are solitary. They don’t live in the hives we normally associate with bees and while you might encounter one in your garden from time to time, the majority are not often a pest control problem.

Only the solitary carpenter bee – a subspecies of bee that burrows into wood and has an all black coloring – is likely to be a pest around your home. Female carpenter bees can sting people, although it is very rare and typically only occurs when they feel threatened, and male carpenter bees do not have stingers – though they may fly at a person aggressively.

Honeybees and bumble bees are the other two types of bee species that do sting and can create nests too close to your home, but unless there is a serious threat, they are relatively harmless as long as they’re left alone. If you’re concerned about one of these nests and want to know if you should get rid of the bees, we can come to consult with you and see if the nest should be removed.

Most of the time, bees can be left alone. But wasps are a different story. Wasps are another stinging insect in Northern Virginia. Like bees, they may also be solitary or social insects. The ones most often found around properties in Gainesville are:

  • Yellowjackets – These wasps have yellow and black stripes like many bees, although they are longer, thinner, and do not have hair. Their nests can contain thousands of insects and usually live above ground in trees or elevated parts of your home.
  • Paper Wasps – Paper wasps get their name from their distinctive nests which hang from branches, ceilings, and eaves. They have a single layer of comb containing hundreds of cells and are made out of a grey, paper-like material. Paper wasps are dark brown with yellow stripes, but are distinguishable from yellowjackets by the orange spots on their antenna and longer bodies.
  • Bald-Faced Hornets – These wasps are black and white and larger than other local wasps. They build their nests off the ground, sometimes as high as 60 feet up in trees, and continue to enlarge it throughout the summer. The nest is shaped like a football and is included in a paper-like material. These are extremely aggressive wasps with a painful sting.

Wasps are most active during the warmer months and hibernate during the winter when the workers die off. They are carnivorous and will eat other insects or meat, especially when you are eating outside. As food becomes more scarce towards the end of summer, you can expect wasps to become more aggressive as they sustain themselves.

When Do You Need to Remove Stinging Insects?

The biggest concern with bees or wasps on your property is the potential for a sting. For the majority of people, a bee or wasp sting results in pain and swelling that will usually go away in a few hours or days. Many people are allergic to stinging insects and may experience intense symptoms, including swelling, difficulty breathing, and more.

Bees are good for the environment with their role in pollination. They also do not typically sting unless their hive is threatened. This means that bee hives at a distance from your home or business may not be a cause for concern. The bees will keep to themselves and can even be good for your garden.

When bees build a hive in an area where people, especially children or those with allergies, or pets are frequently present, the risk of a sting makes it prudent to remove the nest. This can include near walkways, patios, or sitting areas. You will also want to remove any nests the bees build in or on your home, including those in:

  • Attics
  • Wall Voids
  • Chimneys

Any bee hives inside your home are a cause for concern. Not only could they introduce stinging insects to your living area, the hive will amass honey which will drip onto surrounding surfaces and cause staining. It can also weigh dozens of pounds if the hive becomes large enough, leading to structural issues.

Wasps are not generally pollinators and they are more likely to be aggressive without provocation. Wasp nests anywhere in your home – and often near your home – can and often should be removed.

How Our Stinging Insect Control Works

The foundation of our services at ExtermPRO is our pest prevention plans. During either bi-monthly and quarterly, we monitor bee, wasp, and hornet activity around the exterior of your property and treat any that we feel are a concern for your family’s safety.

When we notice signs of bee or wasp activity – such as more insects flying around your yard or hovering near a particular area, nests on your home or in nearby trees, or wasps swarming your family during outdoor meals – our treatment plan to remove them can include:

  • Locating the Nest – We check for nests during each of our visits and, when one is found, we can determine with you whether or not the nest should be removed for safety.
  • Removing Any Nests – We can remove any wasp or hornet nests that are in an area that threatens your family or your home’s structure. For honey bee hives, we can let you know if you should work with a beekeeper to have the entire hive relocated and avoid harming the pollinating bees.
  • Getting Rid of Stinging Insects – Once we have removed the source, we can get rid of any remaining insects that occupied the nest so there is no continuing threat and the queen cannot establish a new hive.
  • Removing Attractions – Crevices, cracks, and dead trees can all provide convenient places for stinging insects to build a nest. Whether or not you are already dealing with wasps, we can seek out and address these holes to reduce the chances of stinging insects building a nest near your home.
  • Creating a Seal – A final step in our pest control service is to apply a treatment around the perimeter of your home. This creates a seal that deters pests and helps keep them away before our next visit.

Stinging insects are generally most active during the summer before dying or going into hibernation as the weather turns colder. But waiting until wasps and bees are already flying around your deck and backyard means you are already at risk for stings.

While we can still successfully remove stinging insects already on your property no matter how aggressive they are, starting early with preventative pest control makes it possible for us to create a barrier around your home that stinging insects will not cross in the first place.

Our pest prevention plans will effectively keep out stinging insects, as well as work effectively against other bugs like ants, spiders, roaches, and more so that your home is free of pests all year long. If you already have a nest and are looking for help removing it, we can assist there as well with one-time solutions that are fast and affordable.

Stinging Insect Control at Commercial Businesses

If you have a business with usable outdoor space such as a restaurant, event space, or courtyard, an abundance of stinging insects nearby can make this area unusable.
Our Gainesville stinging insect control allows you to take full advantage of any outdoor spaces at your business without risk or discomfort to customers and employees. In Gainesville, we provide our ongoing pest treatment to businesses that include:

  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Community Centers
  • Parks
  • Outdoor Event Venues
  • Offices, Hotels, and More

Since any property can theoretically have a wasp or bee nest on an exterior surface, we can work with any property type with pest control solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our years of training in safe handling of stinging insects makes it possible for ExtermPRO to find and remove hornets, wasps, and bees at any type of property.

What Makes ExtermPRO the Right Company for Stinging Insect Removal

With a sting from a bee or wasp serving as a painful injury or, for some, a more dangerous and even life-threatening, concern, professional pest control before stinging insects become an issue will keep your family or your customers and employees safe.

ExtermPRO is the leading stinging pest control company in Gainesville, as well as surrounding towns like Bristow, Warrington, and Haymarket. We design our services around your needs, with support that is:

  • Knowledgeable – As a local company, we have in-depth knowledge of the types of bees and wasps in our area. We also have experience spotting their signs and attractions so that we can often identify a problem before you notice signs. This way, you never have to worry about stinging insects when you are on one of our pest protection plans.
  • Safe – Stinging insects have risks and trying to remove a nest on your own can put you in danger. Our team has the skills and equipment to remove wasp nests and any insects living there without endangering ourselves or people in the area.
  • Guaranteed – We use careful attention to detail and long-lasting treatments to get rid of stinging insects and keep them from coming back in between your regular pest control visits. If bees or wasps do begin to cause a problem between treatments, we can return at no charge to handle it.

If you are already swatting at bees and wasps in your yard, do not hesitate to call us today and let us take care of them. But even if you haven’t seen a stinging insect, putting preventative measures in place beforehand means that you are safe in the long run. Call us or get a free estimate when you send us a message through the online form.

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