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Stinging Insects

YellowjacketOuch! What Stung Me? For some, a bee or wasp sting can be life-threatening, and for others, it can simply ruin the fun.

Yellowjacket Control

These insects have a yellow and black head and patterned abdomen. They are most aggressive in the fall when their colony starts to die out. These are aggressive stingers and post a great risk to people with allergies.

Bald-faced hornet Control

They are large, black and white, and keep their nests high. They sting when the colony is disturbed, and unlike other stinging insects, they do not lose their stingers, which means they can continue to attack.

Paper Wasp Control

These wasps got their name from the paper-like nests they make. You might also hear them referred to as umbrella wasps. They sting when they feel threatened.

Carpenter Bee Control

If you get stung, you know it wasn’t a male—only females can sting. However, you are more likely to see the males as they are in charge of defending the nest from other flying insects. They are most likely to approach people if they move quickly or wave a hand in the air.

Like honey and bumble bees, these are key pollinators. It is suggested you leave them alone if possible, but we certainly understand not wanting them hanging around your family. We dust holes and treat surrounding wood to prevent new activity when possible.

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Stinging Insects Control Services

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