Pest Protection Plan

At ExtermPRO, we believe prevention and early intervention is the key to pest control. That’s why we have two Pest Protection Plans to choose from.

ExtermPRO Pest Protection Plan


Exterior Mosquito Control No Yes
Exterior Flea Control No Yes
General Pest Control Yes Yes
Exterior Spider De-webbing Yes Yes
Exterior Tick Control Yes Yes
Rodent Control Yes Yes
Interior Service Warranty Yes Yes
Creating a “seal” around the outside of your home Yes Yes
4 treatments per year billed quarterly 6 treatments per year billed bi-monthly
If pests return between your scheduled maintenance, we will return for no additional charge.

Why Have a Pest Protection Plan?

Consider this: You get your car serviced a couple times a year. The mechanic inspects your car, changes the oil and brake fluid, and makes sure your car is as safe as possible. By doing this, you are extending the lifetime and value of your car and keeping your family safe. A Pest Protection Plan does the same thing for your home.

Consider this: You sprain your ankle, but instead of going to the doctor, you choose to treat it at home. The pain continues to get worse, and eventually, you decide to be seen by a professional. The doctor tells you your ankle is bad enough where you are going to need surgery to fix it, but early intervention could have prevented the problem from worsening. With pest control, the earlier you find a problem, the easier and less expensive it is to fix it.

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