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Pet food is an ideal food option for home pests like rodents, raccoons, ants, and cockroaches. When these pests have access to your dog or cat food, it can increase your risk of a pest problem.

The combination of warmth and humidity creates a perfect environment for some pests, while others can suffer in the heat. Unfortunately, both of these responses to heat can be a problem for local homeowners.

Bathrooms can be a hotspot for ants in Northern Virginia. They are relatively humid and warm, which ants like, and they have ample sources of moisture. With your kitchen and living spaces nearby, ants may also have a dependable food source to sustain them, so it is not unusual to see a line of ants making their way across your bathroom counter or floor. 

Pest control often focuses on bugs and rodents indoors, but during the summer in Northern Virginia, when summer barbecues are on the schedule and kids have more time to play outdoors, keeping your backyard pest free can be just as important. Yet in many cases, it is difficult or even impossible to physically block off your backyard from pests.