Termite Control in Haymarket, VA with ExtermPRO

termitesIn nature, termites play an important role in the ecosystem by breaking down old trees to make room for new growth. But when termites start to consume the joists, studs, framing, and walls of your home in Haymarket, they become a serious problem.

ExtermPRO provides termite control services in Haymarket with the ability to inspect and eliminate termites at local homes and businesses. We rely on the latest science and technology, as well as our team of termite experts, to provide termite treatments you can rely on. Call us at 571-620-1168 to learn more about our Haymarket termite services, treatment methods, and pricing.

Our Advanced Haymarket Termite Treatments

The humid summers and mild winters in Haymarket make this a hot spot for termites. In order to effectively get rid of termites, we use comprehensive treatments that can eliminate the most aggressive of infestations while still being safe for your home and family. Our treatments include:

  • Spot Treatments
  • Soil Treatments
  • Termite Baits, and More

The foundation of all our pest control treatments is the customization. We start with an inspection of your home to get a complete picture of where termites are living and eating. We will share with you any signs of activity we discover, and work with you to plan a treatment that exterminate termites without being more than you need.

We can also discuss termite prevention. Soil treatments, baits, and exclusionary tactics can often offer preventative benefits in the months or years following application. We will discuss what protection you can expect, and determine if there are options for any additional prevention.

Signs and Damage from Termites in Haymarket

The type of termites property owners in Haymarket have to deal with are subterranean termites, which predominantly live underground or spend time inside the wood they are eating. This makes them a difficult species to identify if they have moved into your home. Some of the signs you might see include:

  • Swarmers – During the late spring and early winter in Haymarket, winged termites set out to establish new colonies. They typically spend only a day in flight, and if you see them swarming near your home, you will want to check to make sure they did not start building their colony nearby.
  • Discarded Wings – After termites choose their new colony, they shed their wings. The discarded wings may end up caught in spider webs or collected in corners outside or inside your home. If you see a lot of bug wings with no explanation, consider scheduling a termite inspection.
  • Mud Tubes – Subterranean termites build mud tubes over soil, cement, and up foundations and walls. These are a tunnel constructed from dirt and saliva that shelters the termites while they move between their nest and food source.
  • Stained Walls – Termite damage looks similar to water damage. It can result in peeling or bubbling paint, staining, or dropping drywall. If you cannot find any leaks or weather damage behind an apparent leak, it might be termites.
  • Damaged Floors – The moisture termites cause and destruction to structural support can cause floors to buckle, tiles to come loose, and floorboards to creak as you walk over them.
  • Hollow Sounds – Termites are literally hollowing out the wood they eat. As a result, knocking on walls or walking on floors where termites have been active will often produce a hollow sound.

The challenge with many of these signs is that they only become apparent once termite damage has become advanced. In the early stages of an infestation, the termites will be in more limited locations that may be in your basement or garage.

Only once the colony has grown, spread, and eaten through a significant amount of wood will you start spotting damage – at which point the damage may also require expensive repairs.

This is why it is so important to call ExtermPRO if you even suspect termites. Our Haymarket termite inspections go in depth, using special equipment and years of experience to find termites that might not be leaving easily visible signs yet.

Scheduling annual inspections is also a good option for homeowners in Haymarket. This enables us to detect termites early on and start treatment as soon as possible.

What Makes Our Termite Treatment Different

There are many options in the Haymarket area for termite control, but none can offer the superior results and professional service that you get with ExtermPRO. It all starts with our attentive pest professionals who are experts at what they do. They are:

  • Detail Oriented – We develop a treatment plan that addresses the entire infestation, but we also focus on the details. This includes finding and eliminating all the termites that are causing damage while also planning around the specifics of your home to make our treatments more effective and fast.
  • Knowledgeable – All of our team members are experienced in termite control, and stay current on the latest science and local knowledge about these pests. They can answer any questions you may have about an infestation or treatment options, and you can also trust them to choose the right termite treatments for your home.
  • Focused on Your Needs – Termites threaten your home which is not only one of your largest investments, but also the place where you want to feel comfortable. Our pest specialists treat your home like their own and make it their goal to get termites out as quickly as they can.

But we also know that customer service means nothing if we cannot also deliver results. Our results are guaranteed because we are using state of the art technology, the most advanced treatments, and proven methods for targeting and eliminating termites.

Get Started with the Best Termite Control in Haymarket

Almost every home or building in Haymarket can attract termites, and these resourceful pests can find something to eat – and destroy – inside most homes. Respond to termites at your home with a call to our team at ExtermPRO to get the latest and most effective treatments against these pests. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to schedule your free evaluation.