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There is so much to love about living in Haymarket – beautiful scenery, comfortable homes, easy access to the city, a friendly community. Unfortunately, a thriving pest population is one of the risks that we face living in Haymarket. The local nature, heat, and humidity is ideal for many pest species which can cause challenges for homes and businesses throughout the area.

To combat bugs and rodents, ExtermPRO offers pest control in Haymarket for homes, businesses, and other properties. We use advanced solutions and service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee to provide pest control you can trust. Contact us at 571-620-1168 or through our online form to schedule a visit from one of our pest experts.

About ExtermPRO – Haymarket’s Leading Company for Pest Control

ExtermPRO is a family-owned company with a more approach to pest control. As soon as we start working with you, our goal is to get rid of pests quickly and then keep them under control going forward. The strategies we use prevent insects, spiders, and rodents from coming back into your home after we’ve gotten rid of them.

We are able to the most effective pest control in Haymarket because we are:

  • Local – We are a neighborhood pest control company. Our team is made up of members of our community who uniquely understand the concerns of Haymarket homeowners and the characteristics of local pests. As a local company, you can also rely on us to put your satisfaction first.
  • Professional – Customer service is important, but so are the skills and experience to efficiently manage any pest problem. We use ongoing training to be sure we always have up to date knowledge and are using the best approach. Then we show up on time, provide you all the support you need, and do not leave until we have your pest problem under control.
  • Licensed and Insured – ExtermPRO is licensed to provide pest control in Virginia, giving you additional peace of mind in knowing that we will treat your property safely and efficiently.

The Haymarket pest control treatments we use are among the most effective available in the industry. They are also safe. Whether we need to treat areas inside or outside your home, our eco-friendly pest control does not expose your family, including your pets, to any hazardous chemicals. Instead, our products and targeted applications are specifically designed to only affect the pest species we are eliminating.

Because our treatments are backed by science and are safe for children and pets, they are appropriate for any property in Haymarket. We offer residential and commercial pest control and can adapt our approach to work with properties of any size.

Bugs and Rodents We Cover Under Our Pest Protection Plans

Pest infestations are a year round occurrence in Haymarket. This is partly due to the local warm temperatures and drier winter conditions which give the bugs that prefer hot and humid conditions a long breeding season. But cool weather does not mean an end to pest problems as lower temperatures force other bugs to invade homes and businesses to escape the cold.

The pests in Haymarket during various seasons include:

  • Ants – Most ant species in Haymarket are harmless, but their numbers will quickly make them a problem that requires professional pest control to manage. Carpenter ants are a harmful ant that will cause damage to your property by eating the wood.
  • Spiders – Their appearance makes spiders an unwelcome house guest for most people, and black widow spiders also have serious health risks.
  • Flies – Flies seem like they are everywhere in the summer. Since each fly can shed thousands of bacteria every time it lands on a surface, this is not a pest you want around your kitchen or any outdoor picnics.
  • Cockroaches – Haymarket has three main species of roaches – American, German, and Oriental cockroaches. All three are resilient, can transmit bacteria, and cause allergies.
  • Stinging Insects – Bees and wasps start building their nests in the spring and are active throughout the summer. While bees are beneficial for gardens, having a nest of bees or wasps close to your home can lead to painful injuries.
  • Rodents – The house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat infest homes to feed on trash, crumbs, and unsealed food, as well as find shelter from predators and inclement weather. The bacteria they spread and damage they can cause by chewing makes them a risky pest to have in your home.
  • Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes are another summertime pest that can seem impossible to escape in Haymarket. Because they can spread certain viruses in addition to their annoying bites, keeping mosquitoes out of your yard provides both safety and comfort.
  • Ticks and Fleas – Ticks and fleas cause both painful bites and can transmit disease. If you have pests, getting rid of these biting pests is especially important.
    This list is also far from all of the pests we treat. Silverfish, earwigs, house centipedes, stink bugs, and other pests can also infest Haymarket homes. Although many of these pests do not bite, sting, or carry disease, any of them in your home can cause discomfort or other issues and need to be effectively prevented.

Our Pest Control Strategies and Services

If you have already found pests in your property, our team at ExtermPRO can eliminate these pests fast, using solutions that are safe and effective. But the best way to protect your property from pests is proactive pest control. This is our primary focus here at ExtermPRO – to make sure your property is protected, so you don’t have to worry about a pest infestation.

We call these services our pest protection plans. At each visit, we use a process that provides:

  • Early Detection – We have been studying bugs for years and are able to identify an infestation in the early stages, often before a homeowner notices any bug activity. Because infestations are faster and easier to treat the sooner we find them, we are able to get rid of bugs with less invasive and time consuming treatments.
  • Treatment – During our first visits to your home, we focus on managing existing pest problems. We use eco-friendly treatments to exterminate bugs, trap rodents, and target breeding areas and eggs until there is no pest activity inside or too near your home.
  • Protective Shield – Finally, we keep pests from coming back. For this, we use a barrier treatment around your home with a focus on the places bugs use to get inside, such as windows, doors, and foundations. This creates a seal that repels pests or eliminates them if they try to cross.

Both quarterly and bi-monthly pest control are suitable for Haymarket properties. This is because we use the latest treatment formulations in our services. They are longer lasting than pest control treatments of the past, and remain effective for several weeks so that you have peace of mind without the need for recurring visits.

Our bi-monthly pest protection plan also includes mosquito abatement and exterior flea control in the seasons where these biting insects are active. The more frequent visits also offer added protection for properties where pests are particularly aggressive, such as when the nearby environment harbors large pest populations.

Haymarket Termite Inspections and Treatments

Many of the homes in Haymarket are newer, but that does not mean they are safe from a termite infestation. Termites invade new and old properties as long as there is wood available for them to eat. Here in Northern Virginia, the prevailing termite species is the Eastern Subterranean termite, named for the way they build their nests underground near their food source.
Because they spend most of their time beneath the ground or tunneling through wood, they can be difficult to spot. Our pest professionals know all of the signs termites can leave behind and where we are most likely to find them if termites are in your home.

An annual termite inspection is a key part of preventative pest control since it limits how long termites can go undetected. We also provide termite treatments for Haymarket properties. These can include baits, soil treatments, wood treatments, and other termiticide applications, all customized to the requirements necessary to eliminate the infestation on your property.

Schedule Ongoing Pest Control for Your Property

The most effective pest control happens before you first see a bug, rat, or mouse at your home. If you do already have a pest problem, your pest control should go beyond extermination and take steps to keep pests from returning. We use this proactive approach at ExtermPRO to keep your property pest-free all year for as long as we are providing service.

To learn more about our pest control services, our experience working with Haymarket. VA properties, and our pricing, call our team today. We can provide a free estimate and get your services started by scheduling an initial visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I Choose Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Pest Control?
A: The pest control schedule for your property depends on the location of your home, pests in the area, your budget, and a few other factors. The best way to determine which service you need is to schedule a free evaluation with our knowledgeable team.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of Pests?
A: We make getting rid of pests affordable, especially with our preventative pest protection that stops pests before they get inside. To find out more about the cost of preventing or getting rid of pests in Haymarket, contact ExtermPRO for a quote.

Q: What Types of Properties Do You Service?
A: We work with almost every type of property in Haymarket, including single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments, wherever you’re living we can adapt our pest control methods to be effective at your property.

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