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termitesCentreville has many beautiful homes and buildings, often with attractive brick facades. But masonry is rarely adequate prevention against wood destroying pests like termites. If termites establish a colony nearby, they can easily find cracks in the brick to get to the wooden structure and fixtures inside your home.

With a risk of termites at most properties in Centreville, termite control from ExtermPRO can help you make sure your property is safe. Our termite inspections, treatments, and prevention methods rely on scientifically-backed solutions and our professional services go above and beyond in protecting your home. Contact us at 571-620-1168 to get started with our expert termite control.

Termite Solutions from ExtermPRO

Each moment termites spend in your home results in more damage. With our experience in termite control, ExtermPRO has seen how important it is to exterminate termites fast. Our approach relies on a range of termite treatments in Centreville, all of which are proven solutions.

Because we have a wide range of termite treatments, we can tailor a treatment plan to your property and any unique challenges. This custom plan gets rid of termites before they can do any more damage by using:

  • Termite Inspections – A termite inspection reveals where termites are living, if any secondary colonies are present, and where they have spread to. This is all essential information for building an effective treatment plan. Since we also emphasize prevention at ExtermPRO, we recommend homeowners use annual inspections to catch termite damage early and take action before they can spread.
  • Termite Baits – This leading method for exterminating subterranean termites uses baits placed around the exterior of your home. When termites bring the substance in these baits back to the main colony, it will kill all of the insects living there.
  • Liquid Treatments – Liquid treatments make the soil around your home uninhabitable to termites, and prevents any termites from walking across the treated area. This keeps termites from traveling from their nest into your home where they can do damage.
  • Foams, Fumigation, and More – We have a range of other treatments as well, all of which we can use when your situation needs more advanced methods. Because we match the treatment to the infestation, you can be sure that treatments are minimally invasive and affordable for your needs.

Certain termite prevention treatments are also available. These can reduce the risk of an infestation and, when used in conjunction with regular inspections and maintenance around your home to deter termites, they can give you peace of mind in knowing your property is protected.

What Makes Termites One of Centreville’s Most Destructive Pests

Our local termites are called eastern subterranean termites. Like other termites, they survive on cellulose, a natural material found in wood and wood-based products like paper. When termites establish a colony near your home, the worker termites will spend 24 hours a day tunneling into the wood on your property for food.

These tunnels in the wood are a source of structural damage that costs local homeowners thousands of dollars a year on average. Termites chew through the center of structural supports, joists, and door and window frames, hollowing them out in the process. If the damage becomes severe enough, these architectural elements will be unable to provide support.

Termite damage can also be a cosmetic issue as their damage behind walls and beneath floors starts to appear as staining, peeling wallpaper, buckling floors, and maze-like carvings in your furniture.

What makes termites so devastating is the rate at which they eat. Eastern subterranean termite colonies can contain tens of thousands of insects after 5 years, and these insects eat constantly. This equates to the equivalent of a 2”x 4” piece of wood being consumed every 6 months. That may not sound like a lot, but it is spread out over all the wood of your property, weakening it, meaning a lot of damage to repair.

About ExtermPRO Termite Control

When you notice signs of termites in your home, you are likely worried about how much damage has been done, the cost of extermination, and the cost of repair. ExtermPRO is here to help.

From your call and the first inspection, we are up front with the issues we see when it comes to termites on your property. We respond to your individual situation with service that is:

  • Customer-Focused – We know that finding termites can be worrisome. While we won’t deny that termites are a problem, we are here to protect your home and answer your questions from start to finish in the termite removal process.
  • Licensed and Insured – You can trust that you are getting the best service in Centreville with service that is licensed, insured, and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Eco-Friendly – The latest treatments in termite control are also the safest. Many of our methods are completely safe around your family – including your pets – and we work with you to eliminate any safety risks on more aggressive treatments.

With our skills and resources, we can adapt termite control to any property in Centreville, including single family homes, multi family homes, and commercial properties. All local buildings can be at risk for a termite problem, and ExtermPRO is here to handle the problem with advanced and affordable treatments.

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No pest is welcome in your home, but termites can be particularly devastating. Make sure you have the right tools to control the damage done by an infestation of wood destroying pests by turning to the professionals at ExtermPRO at the first sign of termites in your home or business. Get started with an free evaluation and estimate when you call us at 571-620-1168.