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ExtermPRO is a termite exterminator in Chantilly offering termite inspections, termite treatments, and ongoing termite monitoring. Each service is provided by a friendly and experienced team of professionals

ExtermPRO is an Ashburn termite control company that uses a customized approach to pest control and the latest termite treatment solutions to get rid of termites quickly. Call us to learn more about our termite treatment options and to schedule an inspection

ExtermPRO is the Fairfax termite treatment company that local property owners can rely on for providing effective termite control and competitive rates. Call us to get a quote for Fairfax termite control.

ExtermPRO provides leading termite treatments in Manassas with an extensive range of eco-friendly treatment options and a team of experts who can determine the most effective treatment plan for any termite activity at your home. Learn how we manage termites and start the process of termite extermination when you call us.

Termite swarming season is about to start here in Virginia. As soon as next month, flying termite swarmers will start looking for new places to build their colonies. These termites are looking for an area with damp soil and a source of wood nearby to eat.

The majority of DIY termite control is ineffective and enables the problem to simply get worse, causing you to have to pay more for professional termite control in the end. You will need the right knowledge, tools, and support, which most homeowners do not have access to.