Termite Treatment in Manassas, VA

Every year, termites in Manassas cause extensive damage. They get into local homes and eat through wood, drywall, and paper, causing damage that goes deep into the walls of your property. This damage makes it important to have a local termite control company in Manassas that can provide effective treatments to remove any termites before they can cause additional devastation.

ExtermPRO provides leading termite treatments in Manassas with an extensive range of eco-friendly treatment options and a team of experts who can determine the most effective treatment plan for any termite activity at your home. Learn how we manage termites and start the process of termite extermination when you call us.

How Termite Treatments in Manassas Work

There are many challenges with termite extermination. Termites often spread throughout the property as they are eating so we cannot treat a single area. The termite nest outside will often be buried in soil, usually deep underground.

ExtermPRO is uniquely equipped to handle a termite infestation in Manassas with treatments that can work around these different challenges to remove termites that are difficult to locate or are deeply embedded in your home. We can use any combination of:

  • Termite Baits – Baits are one of the most effective means to get rid of termites wherever they are living. We determine the optimal placement for baits where worker termites will find them and bring the toxic substance back to their nest to decimate all the termites that eat it. Baits can be effective for both new and long-term termite infestations.
  • Termite Foams – Expanding foams contain a termiticide. We apply them to wood and openings in your foundation where they will close up all the small access points that termites use to get inside your home and treat the wood that termites may already be in.
  • Liquid Soil Treatments – Because the subterranean termites in Manassas live in the soil outside your home, we can treat the area where they are living with liquid treatments to make the soil uninhabitable.
  • Preventative Termite Solutions – Our expert team can suggest options that make your home less sustainable for termites, such as removing sources of wood and moisture, to provide ongoing termite control.

A combination of these solutions is often enough to manage termites in Manassas, although we also have more aggressive options such as fumigation for the rare cases where a termite infestation has become extreme.

When to Schedule Manassas Termite Control

The other challenge with termites in Manassas is that they are hard to find. Many homeowners go for months or even years without realizing they have an infestation. All this time, the damage is able to get worse and the repairs become more expensive. Knowing what signs termites leave behind can help you identify termite damage sooner and get the treatment you need to exterminate termites as quickly as possible. These signs include:

  • Termite Swarmers
  • Discarded Wings
  • Mud Tunnels
  • Hollow Sounding Wood
  • Stains on Walls
  • Buckling Floors
  • Creaking Floors

Often, subterranean termite damage will resemble moisture damage. If you notice any damage that looks like water stains or these other signs, ExtermPRO can use an in-depth inspection to confirm if termites are present.

By using all of the most up to date methods for treating termites, as well as relying on our years of experience for each termite control job, ExtermPRO is able to deliver effective termite control for every homeowner in Manassas. We take the time to plan out our treatments in advance so that we can get rid of termites at your home as quickly as possible with the fewest follow up treatments.

Termites can be a concern at most any home or business property in Manassas. If you have noticed signs of termite activity around your property, or need any other pest control in Manassas, contact ExtermPRO to learn more about our services.