Termite Treatment in Fairfax, VA with ExtermPRO

The average cost of repairs after a termite infestation in Fairfax is $3,000. The cost is so high because of the way termites do damage by boring through the inside of wood. Termite damage is also often difficult to detect until it has become advanced, by which point the damage can be devastating and the repairs costly.

With these potential damages to worry about, homeowners in Fairfax who have an infestation need termite treatments that they know will be fast and effective to help them avoid paying for any additional repair costs. ExtermPRO is the Fairfax termite treatment company that local property owners can rely on for providing effective termite control and competitive rates. Call us to get a quote for Fairfax termite control.

Our Fairfax Termite Control

Warm weather in Fairfax means that termites in local homes will eat and cause damage nearly year round. This makes it important to identify an infestation quickly and then exterminate it as fast as possible.

ExtermPRO uses a combination of state of the art treatments, reliable methods, and years of expertise to get rid of termites quickly and completely. We also focus on solutions that will keep them from coming back. Our range of termite treatments in Fairfax includes:

  • Termite Inspections – Many homeowners do not notice termite damage on their own in the early stages simply because termites are too hidden and can be easily missed. Our termite inspections know exactly what to look for and where to look, as well as have technology to help us detect any termite presence and plan treatment accordingly.
  • Termite Bait Systems – Termite baits can remove and prevent termites. We place them directly into the soil around your home where termites may be living and wait for termites to spread the bait throughout their colony which kills them.
  • Termiticide Treatments – For aggressive infestations, we can place termiticides into the soil or wood to exterminate insects in those areas and prevent additional worker termites from getting inside your home.
  • Termite Fumigation – While this method is often more extreme than what is necessary to get rid of subterranean termites in Fairfax, it is an option for the most advanced infestations that have entirely spread throughout a home or split into satellite colonies.

By using one or more of these methods, ExtermPRO can create a customized plan adapted to your property. This enables us to efficiently deal with everything from new infestations to those that have been there for years.

For all of our Fairfax pest control, ExtermPRO also focuses on proactive pest prevention. Through treatments and termite knowledge, our team can guide you in preventing follow-up infestations. We can also provide annual termite inspections in Fairfax to identify and detect future termite damage early on.

Why Contact ExtermPRO for Fairfax Termite Control

With the challenges that termites present, there is no room for mistakes with termite control in Fairfax. ExtermPRO provides the reliable solutions you need for termites with:

  • Eco-friendly Treatments – Our treatments are the most advanced available and in addition to being successful, are also safe to use around your home.
  • Customer Service – Every infestation is different and we take the time to understand the best way to treat an infestation at your home.
  • Local Expertise – We have been treating termites in Ashburn for years and we know firsthand what works.

Fairfax is home to a large number of pests, but few are as challenging as the termites. Whenever these pests invade your home, you want to be able to rely on a top professional to manage the problem. With our local knowledge, advanced treatments, and competitive pricing, ExtermPRO can give you peace of mind after you notice termite activity at your home. Contact us to learn more about termite control and get a free quote for Fairfax termite treatment.