Termite Treatment in Ashburn, VA

Any properties in Ashburn can be at risk for termites. These voracious wood destroying insects are able to turn wood, drywall, and even papers and books around your home into food. With an environment perfect for termites – warm weather and abundant moisture – all homes in Ashburn should be prepared to deal with termites. This preparation involves having a termite treatment company in Ashburn that can provide the advanced termite control services necessary to eliminate a colony of wood destroying insects.

ExtermPRO is an Ashburn termite control company that uses a customized approach to pest control and the latest termite treatment solutions to get rid of termites quickly. Call us to learn more about our termite treatment options and to schedule an inspection

Termite Types in Ashburn

There is a single termite species that infests homes in this area called the Eastern subterranean termite. These termites establish their colonies underground, but travel into structures to find food, building mud tunnels along the ground and up foundations that give them a safe place to travel through. Subterranean termites are specifically attracted to moisture and will often set up their nest in soil that is kept constantly wet from a leak rain or another water source.

Their colonies start out slowly but can eventually contain tens of thousands of insects after five years.

The colony does not need to be full grown before it can cause damage, however, and during that time, the termites eat consistently. They consume wood and paper materials almost 24/7 when the weather is warm enough.

Eastern subterranean termites in Ashburn swarm in the spring, which is one of the few times you may see termites around your home before they settle into their nest and start causing damage.

How Our Termite Treatment Options Work

Termites are not a pest that can be left untreated as their damage will only continue to get worse. Once you have noticed termites, you will want to work with professional termite control that can remove them as quickly as possible since every additional moment termites are able to eat can cost you more money in repairs.

ExtermPRO knows the importance of rapid termite solutions and we use a variety of up-to-date termite treatments that provide reliable results. Treatments include:

  • Liquid Soil Termiticides – We can spray liquid treatments into the soil around your home or fill a trench with them to create a barrier that termites cannot cross over. This separates your home from the termite nest and forces termites to look elsewhere for food.
  • Termite Baits – We place termite baits at intervals around your home. Foraging termites will be attracted by the food-like substance in the bait stations and carry it back to their nest where termiticides in the bait will eventually kill off the colony.
  • Wood Treatments – We can apply options like termite foams and sprays directly to wood where termites are eating to remove termites that are actively doing damage in your home.
  • More Advanced Options – In cases where termites have established secondary colonies or have spread too far for these termite solutions to have an effect, we also have a variety of more aggressive solutions to help get termites under control and eventually and completely remove them from your property.

Getting rid of termites in Ashburn is an intensive process, but our team is ready to manage that process from beginning to end. We continue to monitor termite populations, bait stations, and treatment effectiveness until we know that termites are gone for good.

Because termites are so aggressive in Ashburn we also have solutions that will help you prevent termites. Whether we are applying termite prevention treatments or sharing our expert knowledge with you for ongoing and year round termite damage prevention, ExtermPRO is the best choice for long term termite control.

We also guarantee friendly service and competitive prices so that we can provide the most effective termite control in Ashburn. Contact us today for a free estimate and to get started with Ashburn pest control.