Pest Control in Fairfax, VA with ExtermPRO

Fairfax, VA is growing in both population and popularity. The small town feel, thriving local economy, and beautiful homes – both old and new – make Fairfax a wonderful place to live, and it continues to get attention as a place to move to for both people and businesses. Long time residents know this and new residents discover it quickly. But even cities like Fairfax have bugs and rodents that cause problems if they invade homes and businesses.

The best way to protect your property against local pests is to work with an experienced pest control company in Fairfax. ExtermPRO offers one time and ongoing pest control for homes, apartments, and businesses in the local area with an experienced team and affordable prices. Learn more about our service and get a quote when you call us at 571-620-1168, or fill out our online form if you’d like to learn more about our services.

Why Choose ExtermPRO for Fairfax Pest Control

ExtermPRO is a family owned and operated pest control company in Northern Virginia. As a local company, we can devote attention to our individual customers, but we also bring the industry’s leading solutions. Our team stays up to date on new research and information regarding pest control, as well as using the methods and treatments we know work from personal experience.

  • Licensed Service – We are licensed and insured in Virginia to provide pest control. Our services meet the highest standards of effectiveness and safety.
  • Fair Pricing – Our services are available at affordable rates whether you are currently dealing with an infestation or are looking for a long term preventative solution.
  • Pest Control Guarantee – Our seasonal pest control comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If pests return to your home between service or find their way inside, we will come back for additional treatment.

We offer residential and commercial pest control services for properties in Fairfax. With our years of experience, we understand where pests hide and how they behave at different properties, and we use our thorough inspection to confirm the pest challenges you are experiencing. This way, we can focus our treatments on your specific pest control needs.

Pest Species We Remove

Although every bug species has its own habitat and food source, Fairfax is an ideal location for many of them. Generally warm weather year round, high humidity in summer time, and plenty of natural spaces makes it easy for pests to move into local yards and homes. Types of bugs include:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Roaches
  • Bees and Wasps
  • Silverfish
  • House Centipedes

Many of these bugs are simply a nuisance that you do not want inside your home, but others can pose some real risks. Biting or stinging insects threaten injury to people in proximity. Flies, ticks, cockroaches, and mosquitoes can spread disease and bacteria. All pests are a problem, and both treating and preventing them is a priority for most families.

Rodent control is also available if you have a mouse or rat infestation. Rodents are a source of property damage and disease. For those already living inside your property, we use targeted trapping and baits that work against local rodent species. Then we protect against future rat or mice with rodent exclusion.

How We Approach Pest Control in Fairfax, VA

The foundation of our pest control is in prevention. We accomplish this through our pest protection plans. At each regular visit, we apply a treatment around the border of your home to create a protective barrier. This barrier will repel pests and prevent them from crossing it to get inside. The regular visits also let us detect any potential infestations early, meaning you never have to worry about pest invasions.

Our schedule options for ongoing pest control are quarterly or bi-monthly depending on your budget and how severe pest problems are in your neighborhood. The up-to-date pest treatments we use maintain their effectiveness for several weeks and will protect against pests no matter which plan you choose.

But we know some pest problems happen unexpectedly before you are able to schedule preventative service, and we are here to help with one time pest control as well. We use interior and exterior pest control to find the bugs in your home and treat those areas to get pests back under control.

Our Fairfax Termite Control Services

In addition to seasonal pests, ExtermPRO can also protect your home from termites. These wood eating pests will move into a property between March and May and begin to eat their way through the wood. If they go undetected, the termite colony can grow to a population of 100,000 insects in 5 years and be a source of expensive repairs.

Our termite control begins with expert inspections. Annual termite inspections at your home can reveal termite damage in the earliest stages and enable us to take action before it becomes significant. We also offer termite inspection if you have noticed signs of wood eating pests on your property.

If our inspection reveals termites, we have a range of advanced methods to get rid of them such as:

  • Termite Baits
  • Soil Treatments
  • Wood Treatments

We can use one or more treatments when exterminating termites, adjusting our plan based on how far the termites have spread throughout your home, the number of insects, and if there are secondary colonies.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pest Control

For all of our pest control services, we use eco-friendly treatments. These are backed by years of research in entomology – the study of bugs – to provide solutions that are:

  • Effective – Green treatments are made specifically to target the pests in our area and we can apply them to limited areas where they will have the most success.
  • Non-Toxic – Our pest control works well against bugs, but are harmless for people and animals on your property.
  • Long Lasting – The treatments we use stay effective for several weeks beyond their application date to offer continued pest prevention.

Our investment in eco-friendly pest control treatments is another way we help put our customers first. It lets us give you a service that you can trust for safety and effectiveness at your home or business.

Call Us Today to Start Getting Rid of Pests

Pest control is important, and early action for pest control makes it even more likely that you can protect yourself from possible pest invasions. If you have bugs inside your home or have noticed increased pest activity in your yard, now is the time to call ExtermPRO at 571-620-1168. We will work fast to stop pests and prevent them from coming back.