How Do Termite Baits Work?

Termites can be an aggressive and devastating pest to have at your property. Over time, a single termite colony can cause thousands of dollars in damage, eating away at the wood of your property. There is also the significant cost of extermination after termites have spread throughout your home.

With these risks, it is important to treat termites quickly with the most effective methods. At ExtermPRO, one of the termite treatments that we use most often is termite baits. When used by our team, a termite bait system is a highly effective method of getting rid of termites and preventing additional wood-destroying insects from getting into your home.

What Makes Termite Bait Systems Effective?

A professional termite baiting system uses a number of individual baits. Each of these baits consists of a small tube filled with a cellulose material and a termiticide. Cellulose is the foundation of termites’ food, and found in materials like wood and paper.

The cellulose will attract termites to the bait. The termites will take both the cellulose and the termiticide back to their nest and share it with the rest of the colony, causing the toxin to wipe out the entire nest.

We can place a termite bait system as an extermination tool to help get rid of an existing colony, or as a termite prevention tool. Depending on your needs, our termite control services will often entail:

  • An Inspection – We begin with an inspection to understand the current termite situation on your property and determine if baits are an effective method to use.
  • Install the Baits – We examine your yard for strategic locations to place baits. In general, we will place them every 15 feet around the perimeter of your home with about 4 feet of space between your home and the bait. Baits go in the soil where termites build their nests.
  • Continue Monitoring – If you have an infestation, we will continue monitoring baits and termite activity over the next weeks until we can be sure that all termites are gone.

Professional termite baits are an incredibly powerful way to get rid of termites and our team has a high success rate with them due to professional-grade equipment and the strategies we use in planning bait placement. If you have noticed signs of termites around your home or want to get a head start on termite prevention before the wood-eating pests start swarming in the spring, contact our team to learn more about our termite bait systems.