Does DIY Termite Control Work?

Termites cause thousands of dollars of damage each year in Gainesville, Centreville, Haymarket, and the surrounding region. And each year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars trying to unsuccessfully prevent or get rid of termites at their homes with various DIY methods. These DIY methods can include store bought solutions and home remedy advice.

Unfortunately, the majority of DIY termite control is ineffective and enables the problem to simply get worse, causing you to have to pay more for professional termite control in the end. You will need the right knowledge, tools, and support, which most homeowners do not have access to.

Which DIY Termite Control Methods Don’t Work

Understanding termite behavior is the first step in preventing or fixing an infestation. Termites in Northern Virginia, specifically the eastern subterranean termite, make their nests in damp soil and cross over into homes and other structures to eat away at the wood, paper, and sheet rock they find inside.

If you do an online search for ways to keep termites from building their colony in your soil or how to remove them from your home, some of the less than successful options you might find include:

  • Commercial Sprays – There are several pesticide sprays on the market designed to treat termites. Some of these do not have the necessary strength to be effective. Others contain dangerous chemicals that can put family and pets at risk.
  • Commercial Bates – Like sprays, baits are often ineffective and can be dangerous if they were left in your yard.
  • Natural Remedies – Substances like vinegar, essential oils, and boric acid do have effective uses, but termite control is not generally one of them.

Any ability these products have to repel termites is limited and fades quickly. Additionally, all of these treatments are spot treatments. They are limited to the area you apply them. Since many termites in your home are going to be out of reach potentially deep underground or deep within your walls, these solutions will have little effect on the entire infestation.

DIY Termite Control Solutions that Work

The best way to manage termites on your own is to make your home less attractive for them. Considering local termites need moisture and wood to survive, and that they will enter your home through tiny cracks to get at that wood, you can make a termite prevention plan:

  • Repair any leaks that can cause soil to be damp.
  • Remove unnecessary wood from your property such as old tree stumps.
  • Seal any cracks in your home’s foundation.
  • Never store firewood next to your home.
  • Make sure gutters drain away from your foundation.

If you do suspect termites on your property in the Gainesville region, reach out to ExtermPRO. We use in-depth inspections with special technology to locate termites and advanced termite treatments to get rid of termites wherever they are hiding in your home. We also offer some of the most competitive local prices for termite extermination, making it possible to get rid of termites at your property on your budget. Call us today to learn more