Rat Control in Warrenton, VA with ExtermPRO


Warrenton is home to 2 species of pest rats – the Norway rat and the roof rat. Although there are some differences in appearance and habits, neither of these rats are welcome in local homes and businesses where they can bring disease, create a mess, and cause a pest control challenge.

ExtermPRO is a rodent control company in Warrenton that offers rat extermination and exclusion for residential and commercial properties. We can provide one time services for a rat infestation or help you keep rats away in the long term with ongoing control. Learn more about our services and get a quote at 571-620-1168.

How We Get Rid of Rats in Warrenton

Norway rats in Warrenton are larger and often live in crawl spaces, garages, kitchens, utility rooms, and other spaces close to the ground. Roof rats are slightly smaller and are more likely to live in elevated spaces such as attics and upper floors.

Both species will build nests in your home and use your pantry, trash, or clutter as a source of food. Around their nests and along the routes they travel in your home, rats can leave droppings and will chew voraciously through wires, wood, insulation, and other items. They will also leave behind bacteria that can cause a range of illnesses if your family comes into contact with it.

ExtermPRO combats rat problems by exterminating any rodents inside your home and keeping rats under control with lasting solutions that include:

  • Rat Traps – Rats multiply quickly and can be hesitant of traps. We make sure to use the right traps and choose the number and placement for the fastest results.
  • Rat Baits – We know which baits are most effective with the rats that infest local homes and can strategically place baits to attract and eliminate rats.
  • Rat Exclusion – Exclusion removes the underlying problems that let rats get into your home. We seek out and seal up the cracks and holes around a property that rats squeeze through so that no more rats can get in.

Our rodent control services also include mouse control if you have multiple rodent problems or are not sure which rodents you are seeing signs of at your home.

Commercial Rat Control from ExtermPRO

Because of the risks of rats, Warrenton businesses also face stressful challenges if rats invade. Our one time rodent extermination and ongoing rat control are both great options for commercial properties of all types. We can identify any risks that could let rats into your business and remove rats to keep your property safe and up to your customer service standards.

Get Started with the Best Rat Control in Warrenton

ExtermPRO offers rat control as a one time service if you discover you have a rat infestation. This can include noticing signs of rats like droppings, scratching and rustling noises, odors, or seeing the rats themselves. We will arrive quickly to assess the problem and determine the most effective solution.

But rat extermination is not a permanent solution, and even exclusion may leave you exposed to rats in the future as new entry points develop. Our pest protection plans at ExtermPRO also protect against rats with bi-monthly or quarterly service. We regularly look for the signs of rodents and, if we see them, can act fast to get the problem under control before you begin to have more pressing issues.

Our ongoing services also protect against many of the insects that infest Warrenton properties, giving you a completely pest free home while also providing:

  • Safe and Humane Service – We use traps that do not contain harmful toxins or cause unnecessary pain. If you have children or pets on your property, we also work with you to be sure they will be safe while we are getting rid of rats.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – With our dedication to quality results, we will continue to monitor rat populations until we are sure the infestation is gone. For customers on our pest protection plan, we will respond immediately if you notice a rodent in between services.
  • Cost Effective Solutions – Because we work quickly and focus on prevention, we can save you on the costs of exterminating a significant infestation or needing to make extensive repairs and remove hazardous debris afterwards.

Trying to handle rats on your own – or ignoring the issue – will only cause the rat infestation to get worse, resulting in a more expensive and time consuming clean up later on. Instead, contact ExtermPRO for fast and reliable resultsĀ pest control in Warrenton. Learn more and schedule a visit from our pest technicians at 571-620-1168 to start the rat control process.

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