Warrenton Pest Control with ExtermPRO

Warrenton, VA is a beautiful and historic town. But it is also often hot and humid. It is Warrenton’s climate that makes it especially prone to pests.

ExtermPRO is a family owned pest control company in Warrenton, VA. We provide local support and services for the entire Warrenton area, with affordable protection options for both small and large homes.

Our Comprehensive Warrenton, VA Pest Protection Services

Our focus is on making sure that your home is protected from all common VA pests throughout the year. We offer two distinct plans – the standard Protection Plan, which is quarterly, and the Protection Plus Plan, which is bi-monthly and helps eliminate mosquitoes. We also combine these plans with our personalized service, because we want you to know we genuinely care about protecting your home.

Our pest protection plans help eliminate and prevent most pests, including:

Imagine a shield of pest protection that keeps your property free of pests or we are willing to come back if you ever see any pests on your property during that time frame. We stand behind our service, and we are sure that you’ll find our costs low and our quality of care some of the best the Warrenton pest control industry has to offer.

Learn More About Our Warrenton Pest Control Services

Some pests carry disease. Other pets bite. Other pest sting. Still other pests may simply steal your food, damage your belongings, or make living in your home less comfortable. No matter what pests your home may struggle with during the year, ExtermPRO is here to help.

With our regular, seasonal scheduled pest control services, we are confident that your home will be protected and that you will have a more comfortable year both inside and out. Please call us at 571-620-1168 or fill out our form for a no obligation or hassle quote.

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