Mosquito Control in Warrenton, VA from ExtermPRO

As soon as the weather begins to get warm in the spring in Warrenton, mosquitoes begin to come out in overwhelming numbers. These biting insects live in the grass and bushes, lay their eggs in pooled water, and bite throughout the day.

With mosquito control from ExtermPRO, we can reduce the number of mosquitoes around your property throughout the summer using safe and natural treatments. Our regular mosquito control will ensure that your family will have fewer mosquito bites and less chance of mosquito borne illness. Get started with a mosquito control price quote from ExtermPRO at 571-620-1168.

How Mosquito Control Works in Warrenton

At ExtermPRO, we use a mosquito control strategy that combats mosquitoes on several different levels. Because mosquitoes do not have a single nest like many other local pests, it is most effective for us to treat all of the separate areas in your yard where mosquitoes are likely to rest during the day or lay eggs, meaning we focus our treatments on areas of vegetation and any spaces where water is likely to collect.

In these different areas, we can apply mosquito extermination treatments, growth inhibitors, and other solutions that target the mosquitoes or larva living there. But we also take an approach that does not solely rely on treatments. This reinforces the effectiveness of mosquito treatments, which are long lasting but will still begin to fade after several weeks before we come to reapply them.

By incorporating these strategies into our mosquito treatment plan, there is less risk that mosquitoes will come back to your property between visits:

  • Removing Water Sources – Any containers around your yard or debris that collects water can be a breeding ground for hundreds of mosquitoes. We identify these areas so that you can remove water sources.
  • General Maintenance – To avoid direct sunlight, which can be deadly for mosquitoes, adult insects will hide in plants. Reducing overgrown areas around your yard limits these hiding places.
  • Exclusion – The house mosquito species in Warrenton will often come inside, making them an even bigger nuisance. We can help eliminate entry points to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Mosquito control at ExtermPRO is part of our pest protection plan. We use visits every other month to apply mosquito treatments during the summer, and additional treatments for other area pests all year long. With our mosquito control, we do not wait until mosquitoes become a problem, but instead take a proactive approach that will limit your challenges with mosquitoes each summer.

Why Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Warrenton?

Mosquitoes are seemingly everywhere in Warrenton in the warmer months, but this does not mean you have to deal with large numbers of them at your own home. ExtermPRO offers effective solutions for removing mosquitoes that can help reduce mosquito related problems including:

  • Bites – Itchy mosquito bites are never pleasant and the more mosquitoes that are around your yard, the more bites you and your family will deal with every time you go outside.
  • Mosquito-Borne Illness – The Asian tiger mosquito that makes up for 90% of bites in Warrenton  is known for spreading West Nile virus, chikungunya fever, Dengue fever, and Zika virus. With fewer bites, you have less risk for contracting one of these illnesses.
  • Population Growth – A mosquito problem will increase exponentially as the summer goes on as each female mosquito lays hundreds of eggs every week. ExtermPRO can put a stop to population growth and then help reduce existing mosquito numbers.

At most homes in Warrenton, mosquitoes are simply a nuisance, but there is always a risk of illness as well. ExtermPRO will help make your backyard a more pleasant place to be and help you feel more comfortable and protected from health risks.

Our exterior mosquito treatments at ExtermPRO are also eco-friendly, making them completely safe to use around your home as well without any chemicals that could be harmful to your family.

About ExtermPRO – Warrenton’s Leading Mosquito Control Company

ExtermPRO can provide mosquito control at any property in Warrenton where you are struggling with mosquito bites and pest problems. For all our services, we can guarantee:

  • Integrated Pest Control – Our pest control at ExtermPRO goes beyond extermination to provide comprehensive and longer lasting services without harmful chemicals.
  • Leading Results – We combine advanced treatments, up to date knowledge, and years of experience to provide the best possible outcomes in mosquito management.
  • Customized Service – We treat every property we work with like neighbors and take the time to choose the right treatment for the best protection from mosquitoes.

We offer solutions that will provide immediate results to get rid of mosquitoes and other pests in Warrenton with a single treatment, and then we can manage them throughout the summer with a bi-monthly pest protection plan. Use the online form to get a free estimate or call us at 571-620-1168 with any questions.

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