ExtermPRO – Ants

ExtermPRO is a Chantilly pest control company offering both one time ant extermination and ongoing ant control in Chantilly. We rely on our team of experts and the latest, safest pest control treatments in order to eliminate ants at homes and businesses. Schedule an ant control visit or learn more about our preventative pest control at 571-620-1168.

Wintertime usually offers a respite from pests in the Gainesville and Centreville area. When cold temperatures and the occasional snow cause many pests to die off, others overwinter, a process similar to hibernation in mammals. Despite not seeing so many pests outdoors, many homeowners wonder why they seem to see more ants in their kitchens than at other times of year.

Many bug species have a reputation for extremely short lifespans. The average housefly lives about a month. Male mosquitoes and ants, which exist only to mate with females of the species, may only live for a week or two. But some insects can live for years. Which bugs are the longest living?

Both ants and termites have "Swarmers," which can fly and find new places to live. Knowing the difference between a swarming ant and a swarming termite can help you figure out the urgency of getting pest control help.

Food is one of the obvious attractions for ants. These pests have a wide appetite and will eat almost any food they can find in a kitchen. Crumbs on the floor, dirty dishes, spilled juice or soda, and open packages are all common sources of food for ants. But if your dishes, countertops, and floors are clean and food is correctly stored, yet ants are still coming in, look for these other causes