Strategies for Ant Prevention at Your Home


Ants are a challenge. You never just have one or two. Once they get inside your home, you will very quickly have hundreds, if not thousands. This makes preventing ants the best way of dealing with these pests.

By keeping an eye out and not providing ants with the resources they need inside your home, you will be less likely to ever need ant treatments in Gainesville and Bristow, VA.

Ant Prevention Tips

Ants will invade any location in your home, but they need a food and water source. This makes kitchens a common target for ants as there is often plenty of crumbs, spills, and other food residue the ants can survive on. But anywhere in your home where your family consumes or stores food could have enough crumbs left behind for ants.

You can keep ants out of your kitchen and the rest of your home by taking these preventative steps:

  • Put Away All Food – Never leave leftovers or uncovered food sitting out, especially overnight. In your pantry, store food in sealed containers, preferably plastic ones, to make it harder for ants to get at your food.
  • Practice Regular Cleaning – Make a habit of washing dishes and wiping down surfaces every day. Sweep and vacuum at least once a week and clean any area where food may have spilled immediately.
  • Take Out Garbage – Always put garbage in the trash can and take out the trash frequently. Garbage cans are usually not secure and an easy way for ants to find food.
  • Do Not Leave Standing Water – In addition to food, ants also need a source of water. Wipe up standing water and avoid leaving out bowls or plants that are filled with water. Also, if you have any leaks in your homes like a dripping faucet or pipe, have this fixed to avoid water buildup.
  • Remove Entrances – Ants are tiny and can get into your home through all the little gaps and crevices. Finding these can be a challenge since many of them are small, but sealing off any you do see with caulk or petroleum jelly can reduce the risk.

Unfortunately for homeowners in Northern VA, ants are extremely good at finding ways into your home and food sources once inside. The best preventative control is not always enough to avoid an infestation. For added protection, preventative pest control from ExtermPRO, delivered through bi-monthly or quarterly visits gives you an extra layer of protection by creating a barrier around the exterior of your home. Our ant control services also include extermination if ants have gotten past your barriers and made it inside. To get more information on any of our pest control services, contact our team today.

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