Keeping Ants Out of Your Bathroom


Bathrooms can be a hotspot for ants in Northern Virginia. They are relatively humid and warm, which ants like, and they have ample sources of moisture. With your kitchen and living spaces nearby, ants may also have a dependable food source to sustain them, so it is not unusual to see a line of ants making their way across your bathroom counter or floor.

It is already unpleasant to have ants anywhere in your house and your bathroom gives them the opportunity to make it to get into other areas if they have not already. This makes it important to know how to prevent ants in your bathroom.

How to Prevent Ants from Getting into Your Bathroom

With an ant infestation in Gainesville, it is almost always the case that the majority of the colony is outside, probably with a nest somewhere in your yard or in an adjacent yard. The worker ants then travel to seek out food and water for the colony, which can lead them directly to your bathroom. Although you are only seeing part of the colony, this could still be tens of thousands of ants in your bathroom.

Ants may get inside by crawling through crevices in your foundation, siding, or around doors and windows. In bathrooms, there may also be a direct path in if ants crawl along plumbing or come through ventilation.

You can help keep ants out of your bathroom through all of the following:

  • Determine How Ants are Getting In – If you have a trail of ants, try to follow it back to see what their entry point may be so that you can seal up any cracks there. For ants coming from another part of your house, you may be dealing with a more widespread infestation and an entry point could be further away.
  • Reduce Humidity in Bathrooms – Actions like running a fan during showers, squeegeeing off shower doors after a bath, and mopping up splashes will keep your bathroom drier so ants are not as drawn to it as a water source.
  • Fix Leaks – Repair faucets that are dripping and fix leaking pipes as these can be a significant source of water.
  • Replace Water Damaged Wood – Water can cause wood to rot and rotted wood attracts carpenter ants who make their nests inside the wood. If a past leak or flooding has left damaged wood behind, make a point to replace the word.

These tips can be valuable for ants and other insects that tend to thrive in moist areas like bathrooms, including roaches and centipedes. But if ants or these other pests are already in your bathroom, it may be too late for preventative steps.

At this point, ExtermPRO can help with ant extermination that gets rid of ants in your bathroom so you can keep your home sanitary and comfortable. Additionally, we also offer ant prevention methods with ongoing pest control that helps you protect not just your bathroom but your entire home from invading ants. Find out more about our services in Gainesville and the surrounding areas when you contact our team.

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