How Quickly Can Mice Reproduce in Your Home?

Why Rodent Infestations Are Dangerous

There are a number of challenges when it comes to exterminating mice from your home. Getting the right bait on your traps and the right placement for traps is key.

But you also need the right number of traps. This is because mice are one of the fastest reproducing mammals and can breed at such a rate that if your mouse infestation may be growing faster than you can catch them.

Understanding Mouse Reproduction and Its Effect on Extermination

Mice naturally reproduce quickly and those living in your home can have an even higher reproduction rate. Your home provides a shelter that is safe from predators and often has a dependable food supply of crumbs or items in your pantry, giving female mice the perfect habitat and conditions for reproduction.

This can result in mice breeding in line with the following numbers:

  • A single mouse can have up to 10 litters in one year.
  • A single letter can contain up to 14 baby mice.
  • On average, a mouse will have between 30 and 50 babies per year.
  • A mouse’s gestation period is 24 days.
  • Mice can start gestating a new litter immediately after giving birth.
  • Indoors, mice can live for 2 to 3 years.

Additionally, young female mice are old enough to have their own litter approximately 4 to 6 weeks after being born. As a result, an infestation that starts with one pregnant female mouse could theoretically lead to over 5,000 mice in a single year if no counter action is taken.

This is also why it is so important to both begin extermination as soon as possible after you notice signs of rodents and leave extermination to the professionals at ExtermPRO. Based on the science of mice activity we see, we can determine the number and placement of traps, as well as other rodent extermination solutions to effectively get rid of mice faster than they can breed. If you are struggling with rodents in your home in Gainesville, reach out to ExtermPRO to learn more about ourĀ rodent extermination services.

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