How Professionals Get Rid of Pantry Pests in Gainesville

Pantry pest are the small beetles, moths, and their larvae that infest various food items in your kitchen. The adults of these species lay their eggs inside packages of food and, when those eggs hatch, the larvae can start eating all the food around them as well as spread to other packages of food.

The main problem with pantry pest control is that you cannot simply spray pest control treatments in your pantry without damaging all of your food, even if bugs have not gotten into it. Throwing away infested food items as you find them is not enough either since pantry moths and beetles can easily spread from one item to another by chewing through cardboard. These challenges require professional pantry pest control in Gainesville that uses more advanced strategies to effectively manage these pests.

Professional Pantry Pest Extermination Process

The treatment for a pantry pest infestation is somewhat different than other pests. As the homeowner, you will be significantly involved in the treatment as well. This is what you should expect from the process:

  • Initial Inspection – An exterminator will first inspect your pantry to confirm pantry moth larvae are living there. Some of the signs they are looking for include the caterpillars, silk webs, droppings, and dead bugs. Stored food pests will also leave behind secretions that professional pest control can identify.
  • Throwing Out Bad Food – For the next step, your pest control professional will work with you to confirm what food needs to be tossed. There is no saving food once pantry pests are in it and you will simply need to throw it away.
  • Clean Out the Pantry – You will next need to remove food that does not contain pantry pests or eggs. You can keep this food, but your pest professional will have you store it elsewhere during treatment. This is also a good time to wipe down your pantry to remove any lingering debris from pests.
  • Apply Treatment – The pest professional will apply treatment to areas around your kitchen where you store food to exterminate any remaining pantry pest. Once they are sure that pantry pests are gone, they will let you know it is safe to move items back into your pantry. They will also discuss suggestions to prevent future infestations of pantry moths and beetles like storing your food in plastic airtight plastic containers and checking groceries before you put them away.

Pantry pests are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. You may clean or throw away food only to see them come back again. If you have noticed pantry pests in your kitchen, choose the professional pest control method from the start. Contact ExtermPRO for Gainesville pantry pest control and preventative pest solutions.