How Businesses in Gainesville Get Pantry Pests

The small moths and beetles that infest kitchens, also called stored food pests, are one of the pests that can cause issues at any property. They are not necessarily a sign of unclean conditions, but rather a pest that is often introduced to your property by chance.

Unfortunately, at commercial properties like restaurants, which provide an ideal habitat for pantry pests, there are significant health concerns around pantry pests. If there are signs of bugs in your finished products, it can also damage your business’s reputation. This is how pantry pests make it into your business and what you should look for in order to keep them out.

Preventing Pantry Pests in Restaurants

Stored food pests can get into your business in one of two ways. The most common way is for them to hitchhike in when you bring in something that is already infested. But some pantry pests will also come in on their own, particularly moths which can easily fly from place to place.

Once inside, any areas where you store food at your business can be at risk You will want to prevent pantry moths and beetles from getting in through either method using these steps:

  • Fill Up Openings – Small openings around your property can be entry points. Torn screens, doors that are left open, and cracks in walls and foundations can all be big enough for pantry pests to squeeze through. Take some time to seal these holes up, which will have the added advantage of also preventing other pests that may be attracted to your kitchen, such as roaches.
  • Keep Lights Off – Moths and flying beetles are often attracted to lights. Avoid leaving lights on anywhere that may have easy access to food when not necessary so that pantry pests are less likely to fly in.
  • Check Your Deliveries – Pantry pests can get into food at any point during processing, packaging, storage, or transportation. Every time you take a delivery from your supplier, survey all included groceries to look for small holes in packaging and any signs of insects in the food. Pay special attention to grains, flour, meal, spices, and processed goods like crackers and chips. If you notice any signs, throw the food out.
  • Store Your Food Properly – Do not leave food items in cardboard containers or packaging without an airtight seal. Instead, store them in cambros and similar airtight containers. These containers prevent pests from spreading between food items if you miss them, and transferring the food is also a good chance to look for any pantry pest signs.
  • Utilize First In First Out – In accordance with food safety practices, always use your oldest items first and promptly throw away anything that has expired. The longer something says on the shelf, the more time it has to pick up pests.

Even with careful examination of deliveries, it is still possible to miss pantry pests and not notice you have a problem until you see them in food. When this happens, do not expect the problem to go away on its own. Call ExtermPRO for fast and effective pantry pest extermination at your Gainesville restaurant.