Identifying Powderpost Beetles

In Virginia, termites, and occasionally carpenter ants, are most often the pests blamed for wood damage on local properties. But local homeowners also need to be aware of the powderpost beetle. Like termites and carpenter ants, the powderpost beetle bores into wood around your home, creating tunnels that weaken wood from the inside.

Once inside, the powderpost beetle lays its eggs. The larva lives inside the wood until they reach adulthood, at which point they dig additional tunnels to exit your home. The good news is that, like the local subterranean termite, powderpost beetle damage happens slowly because the beetles can take 1 to 5 years to reach adulthood. Catching an infestation early on can reduce the chances of more devastating damage and costly repairs in the future. To identify powderpost beetle infestation familiarize yourself with the sign of these insects and know what to look out for around your home.

Signs of a Powderpost Beetle Infestation

Since powderpost beetles live beneath the surface of wood, they are not going to be outwardly visible. While you have a chance of seeing a powderpost beetle coming and going – in which case it is helpful to know that they are about ¾ long with a narrow body and dark brown coloring – you are more likely to notice other signs first:

  • Damaged Wood – Wood damage is often the clearest sign of termites, carpenter ants, or powderpost beetles. This can occur in wood anywhere inside or outdoors, including firewood, furniture, or the wooden structure of your home itself. Wood damage from powderpost beetles decays and begins to crumble away when you touch it.
  • Small Holes – Also called shot holes for the resemblance to a hole created by a shotgun bullet, tiny holes in the surface of wood form the entry and exit points for adult powderpost beetles.
  • Droppings – The feces of powderpost beetles are extremely small and nearly black color. You will most likely find them in locations where adult beetles congregate inside your home such as on window sills, around furniture, and on wooden porches.

At the first sign of powderpost beetles or another wood destroying insect in Northern Virginia, you should call ExtermPRO immediately. Our advanced inspection techniques and state of the art pest control technology furniture enable us to reliably remove powderpost beetles from your home. Contact us today to learn more.