Why We Love Spiders

And You Should, Too!

Why We Love Spiders

Roses are red, violets are blue. We love spiders for many reasons, and so should you! In honor of Valentine’s day, we’re sharing our love for this pest to show you they’re not so bad to have around (in moderation!).

Why We Love Spiders

They eat other pests. Consider them your in-home, free exterminators! Their diet consists of other common house pests, like roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, and clothes moths.

Most spiders aren’t dangerous. House spiders might look scary sometimes, but they won’t bite you or your pets; their jaws simply aren’t big enough! In Virginia, you should keep an eye out for black widows, but don’t expect to see many around.

They can indicate a bigger problem. Once again, these pests rival exterminators. If you see too many spiders in your house, you might have an even bigger pest problem because they go where the food is. That means they might be the ones to give you a warning if something else is going on.

They are scaredy-cats. The spiders found in Virginia are not inherently aggressive. In fact, they find you quite scary! Expect them to run at the sight of you. Most times, spiders bite because they are cornered and scared, like if a little guy gets stuck in your clothing.

They dislike smells that we love. We’d say spiders have sensitive noses, but they actually smell with their legs! You can use peppermint and lavender to keep them away (even though you’ve learned they aren’t so bad to have around).

An Extra Reason to Love them

Spotting spiders in your home rarely requires professional help from an exterminator. Every house has house spiders, so seeing a few here and there is no problem. However, if you start to see a significant increase in spiders, house spiders or others, a call to your local pest control company, like ExtermPRO, is warranted. This can be a sign of a more serious pest infestation because spiders flock to food. Are you seeing more spiders than usual? Call us today at 571-620-1168 to schedule a service.

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