Spiders in Virginia

Which Types You’ll Find

10 Family Friendly Spider Facts

There are 57 unique species of spiders found in Virginia. Today, we’re looking at the most common ones you’ll find and whether or not they are dangerous.

Spiders in Virginia

Jumping Spider: This is one of the most common spiders you’ll find in your home or yard. Unfortunately for people who don’t like spiders to begin with, this spider earned its name for a reason: it jumps! They are typically covered in brightly colored, dense hair. They are not considered dangerous.

House Spider: Like other spiders, house spiders have eight legs, and the colors vary between yellow and brown. They are helpful to have around because they eat other pests that might make their way into your home.

Black Widow: You’ll be able to identify this spider because of the reddish-orange hourglass shape on its back. They can bite, even though their first defense is to run away. Their bite is venomous and you might get muscle cramps, stomach pain, tremors, chest pain, and more. We recommend seeking medical help right away.

Yellow Sac Spider: This spider is a light yellow, creamy color. It has distinctive long legs and black “feet.” The yellow sac spider can bite and cause mild necrosis (death of the tissue). The bite is their last defense, and you’re only likely to be bitten if they get caught in your clothing and feel threatened.

Wolf Spider: This type of spider is brown, gray, black, or tan with dark markings that help to camouflage it. They are anywhere from 1/4″ to 1″ long. They might be venomous, but they are actually very afraid of you and would rather stay far away. If provoked and they do bite. It can be painful and/or itchy but rarely requires medical attention.

Orb Weaver: When you learned about spiders in school, you may have been studying the orb weaver! This type of spider creates that classic, masterpiece web. It is known for having a rounded abdomen and long legs. Orb weavers are not venomous and very rarely bite.

Are You Seeing More Spiders Than Normal?

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