Why Rodent Infestations Are Dangerous

Three Ways They Can Harm You

Why Rodent Infestations Are Dangerous

When you think of rodents, you might imagine the cute little cartoon characters you see on kids’ shows and movies. When we think of rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels that invade your home, we see major trouble. Learn why rodent infestations are dangerous.

Why Rodent Infestations Are Dangerous

Fire Risk

If you have a rodent as a pet—bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, even mice—you probably already know that one of their favorite snacks is any unattended cord. Mice that inhabit your home uninvited feel the same way, except you’re not keeping them in line like the rodents you lovingly invited into your home.

We have a scary statistic for you: there are 16 million home and building fires in the US each year, and about 8% of them are caused by mice gnawing on electrical wiring.

They Spread Disease

Rodents such as rats and mice are associated with a number of health risks. In fact, rats and mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly through handling of live or dead rodents, contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, as well as rodent bites. Some diseases they spread to humans include:

  • Hantavirus
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Plague
  • Tularemia

They Bite When Cornered or Threatened

A rodent’s first line of defense is to get away from the threat: you! So, if you stumble upon one in your home, it will most likely run away from you. Whether or not you mean to intimidate it, if a rodent feels threatened, it will attack and bite. This goes for your curious pets, too.

Rodent Infestations Might Be Dangerous, But They’re No Match for ExtermPRO

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