Why Do I Still See Pests After an Exterior Pest Control Treatment?

Your trust your pest control company – hopefully, ExtermPRO – to protect your home from pests for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most of us understand, at least in general, that you may get a pest or two as we get closer to your next treatment, or if you leave windows open for too long, you may get a pest.

What can be especially surprising, however, is when you recently got a pest treatment and you still see pests on the ground. Why and how are bugs getting through?

How We Treat for Pests

The pest control world has changed considerably over the last few years. We as an industry have largely moved away from what used to be called “instant kill” pesticides.

While instant kill pesticides did provide some immediate satisfaction for homeowners by instantly killing all pests, they were also potentially harmful to both people and the environment. You may remember in your youth when the pest control people came, sprayed, and all the pests were dead. We do not use those types of pesticides anymore, and very few reputable companies still do.

Instead, we’ve moved to what’s known through marketing as “kill on contact,” but are typically referred to as “biopesticides.” Biopesticides are more natural pesticides that use real or synthetic extract from plants. Biopesticides are very different from the instant kill pesticides of the past. They do not immediately kill the pest.

Different pesticides cause different issues, so we won’t be able to cover all of them here, but what these more naturally occurring pesticides do is, after coming into contact with a pest, cause the pest to either dry out or come into contact with a disease that will *eventually* kill it in a more natural, less dangerous way.

That means that you might see pests walk over these pesticides and appear to survive. But, over time, they will eventually pass away and be unable to live on your property.

Instant Kill vs. Kill on Contact

We know how important it is to be pest free, so the idea of pests entering your property at all and living there for even a small amount of time can be disconcerting. But pest control isn’t just about not seeing pests. It’s also about safety. The pest control methods of the past may have provided that “instant kill” that can be gratifying for those that want to avoid pests, but it doesn’t make you safer, and that defeats the purpose.

Natural and more eco-friendly, the pesticides we use now are simply a better choice and *will* still eliminate pests. For more information about our pest control, contact ExtermPRO, today.