When and Where to Use Glue Traps

Glue traps are a common tool that homeowners can use to protect their property from pests. They are not an alternative to professional pest control, but they do offer the ability to protect your property from pests that otherwise may have an easy time accessing your home.

However, you have to make sure that you place them in the appropriate places, because without the right placement, the glue traps are unlikely to be effective. You also have to know when and why to use them, because they are not going to eliminate pests – rather, they can help make sure that fewer pests enter your home.

Glue Traps and Pests

First, it’s important to realize that glue traps should not be used for rats and rodents. Not only are they typically not strong enough to capture them, but they can be cruel, as a rat that is trapped my die slowly or chew off its leg to prevent its death leading to a bloody mess. Limit the use of glue traps for bugs.

With that in mind, they should be used in places where pests are likely to travel if they find an entrance to your property. An ideal location is something where:

  • Pests may still have access, even with pest control.
  • Corners and dark areas where they typically travel.
  • They are unlikely to come into contact with people.

For example, a great place for a glue trap might be inside the corner of a garage door, or in a crawl space near the entrance, or down in a basement near a window. These are all places where, even with pest control, pests may enter and they represent places pests are most likely to move towards when they try to scurry away into your home.

By placing these glue traps in these locations, you can capture them fast before they’ve entered. They’re a great tool for spiders and cockroaches, especially, since both those pests tend to survive for a short time even after you’ve had a pest control treatment. This captures them faster, so you don’t have to see them and they have no opportunity to get into your home.

Pest Control with Glue Traps

Glue traps are not an alternative to pest control, but in places like crawl spaces, garages, and other locations where they may still have some access, they have the potential to capture pests before they enter your home and keep them away. Give us a call today to find out more about our pest control services in Gainesville to make sure your home is pest free.