Why Do I Have a Mouse Infestation?

Why Mice Chose Your Home

do mice eat insects?

Mice might be depicted in cartoons as sweet, charismatic critters (we’re looking at you, Mickey!), but in reality, they are a safety hazard. Because they like to chew on wires, they can cause electrical fires. At ExtermPRO, we believe preventative measures are the best way to combat pest infestations. You didn’t invite them into your home, so what are some of the reasons you have a mouse infestation?

Reasons You Have a Mouse Infestation

You have easy access to food

Think about dog food in the garage, your untidy food storage system in the basement, and the crumbs you mindlessly kick under the counter. Mice will gladly munch on the food you leave out for them.

There is easy access into your home

That tiny hole in your siding or foundation might not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a tunnel into a safe haven for mice. An adult mouse can fit in a space the size of a dime. Yes, that small!

Your home and yard is messy

Like most animals, mice look for safe places to stay and raise their young. Your untidy home, inside and out, provides plenty of places for mice to lurk. The pile of leaves or stack of firewood by the siding of your house might be their first spot. Then, they might find or even gnaw holes into your siding to find even more safe places to hide. In the attic, they’ll love your off-season clothing stored improperly.

It’s cold outside

Sometimes, it’s out of your control. Mice get cold too, and your infestation might simply be because they are searching for a warm place to wait out the chill.

A Mouse Infestation Is No Match for ExtermPRO.

Whether you’ve seen a mouse or have seen the clues, call your local pest pros at ExtermPRO today at 571-620-1168. Our team of exterminators has gone through specialized training to address rodent problems, contain them, and prevent future infestations.

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