How Do Mosquito Repellents Work?


Mosquitoes quickly turn backyard fun into a mad dash for the safety of the indoors, but you’re determined to not let them ruin your good time. That’s why you take all the precautions you can to keep this sometimes-dangerous pest away, like using mosquito repellents. You know they work, but do you know why?

How Mosquito Repellents Works

Mosquitoes rely heavily on smell to locate their next meal. They like the smell of your carbon dioxide emissions and sweat (and they like your body heat, too!). Many mosquito repellents work by evaporating on the skin and blocking the mosquito’s sense of smell that leads it to you.


Icaridine or diethyltoluamide (AKA DEET) works by scent. While it is one of the most reliable options, lasting up to four afters after application, it’s not considered entirely safe in high concentrations.

Essential Oils

Natural essential oils can also help trick mosquitoes thanks to the strong scents, but they aren’t as reliable as DEET. Try using citronella or tea-tree oil, which pose fewer health risks than chemical sprays.

In the end, the best mosquito repellent is a physical barrier, like protective clothing or mosquito nets.

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