What to Do If You Have Squirrels in Your Attic

How to Kick out This Rodent


If you hear some tiny footsteps in the attic, you are likely dealing with a rodent of some sort. While your first thought might go to mice or rats, you might actually be dealing with a squirrel. Even if you think your house is buttoned up tight without any holes leading it, you might be missing a tiny, tiny hole; they can fit through a space that is 2″ by 2″!

Squirrels are not harmless rodents. While they might not be dangerous directly for you, they may tear insulation to use as nesting material, and chew electrical wires–a fire risk for you. So, how do you kick this rodent out?

  1. Seal all entrances except for one; then install a one-way door over the last hole. Squirrels will be able to exit, but not re-enter. Wait a couple days, and seal the exit as soon as you stop hearing scurrying.
  2. Remove any food that may be attracting the squirrel in your attic. They may be going in and out during the day, but they are likely to return if they know they have a free, easy to get snack inside.
  3. Lay a trap and wait for the squirrel to go inside. Relocate it to somewhere around four to five miles away. If you just move it to your backyard, it will be happy to visit again.
  4. Seal up and repair any holes to prevent further uninvited guests (squirrels aren’t the only rodents who want to come inside!).

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has a warning about squirrels and reproduction: “Squirrels have babies between February and May and August to October. If squirrels are in your attic during this time, it’s possible that babies are present. Wait until young are old enough to leave on their own (when they are about 8-10 weeks old). If mother squirrels are sealed out of an attic with their babies inside, they will cause an extreme amount of destruction to enter again.”

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