Natural Spider Deterrents


Spiders generally aren’t dangerous pests to have around. Every home has them, and most of the time they are completely harmless coinhabitants. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re welcome. Here are some natural spider deterrents to make your home less inviting for this eight-legged pest.

Natural Spider Deterrents

A clean space: Spiders love small, dark places, so those piles of toys or clothes on the floor are great hiding spots. And the nooks and crannies of closets and basements are also ideal for hanging out. Tidy up and be sure to check those quiet spots for webs periodically.

Clean webs: Spiders make webs to catch food. When they have easy access to food from the webs in your home, they’ll feel more comfortable sharing your space. Deweb the ones in your home to encourage spiders to build their webs outside.

Eliminate other pests: Spiders thrive on one primary food source: bugs. Infestations of fruit flies, ants, or fleas provide spiders with all the nutrients they need to survive. It makes your home an easy food source! Take care of those other pests, and you might help your spider problem, too. If you suddenly see an increase in spider activity, be sure to check for other pests.

Eucalyptus oil: Spiders don’t like strong smells, like eucalyptus. Spray eucalyptus oil or spread eucalyptus leaves around your home to discourage spiders from making webs and staying inside.

Vinegar: Vinegar can be used to solve many of your pest problems, and spiders are no different. White vinegar contains acetic acid that harms spiders, so by using a diluted vinegar solution you can safely and successfully repel them.

Give away old furniture: Spiders are happiest in dark places where they will not be disturbed, which old furniture provides a lot of. Give away or donate old furniture, and be sure to clean any second-hand furniture you receive right when you bring it inside.

Is Your Spider Invasion out of Control?

Seeing a couple spiders in your home shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, if you’re suddenly seeing a lot of them, you could have a bigger pest problem on your hands. Your local pest pros at ExtermPRO are here to help. We will do a full inspection of your property to get down to the cause of these eight-legged pests. Call us today at 571-620-1168.

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