What Do Ants Do During the Winter?

do ants hibernate?

You already know what ants do during the spring and summer. (They are busy bothering you, aren’t they?) But suddenly, you stop seeing them trying to get into your house or they seem to have abandoned the hill they made near the sidewalk. What do ants do during the winter?

What Ants Do During The Winter

Ants enter a sluggish state during the wintertime. During the fall, they ate plenty of food to fatten up for the cold. The fat stores nourish their bodies as they wait for warmth.

In their near-hibernation time, they huddle together in tight groups to stay warm. They take special care of their queen by staying extra close to her. (She’s the most important member of the colony, after all!)

The entrance to their nest closes up during this time because no one is going in or out. Sometimes, they’ll move to an area that can maintain heat better, like deeper into the ground, in the bark of a tree, or under rocks.

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