Five Fascinating Facts about Silverfish

signs of a silverfish infestation

While you don’t want silverfish in your home, they are interesting insects. Here are our favorite fascinating facts about silverfish.

Five Fascinating Facts about Silverfish

They Have History

Silverfish are considered one of the earliest and most primitive insects, and they are also thought to be one of the first animals to colonize dry land. Yes, that does mean they were around nearly 100 million years before dinosaurs!

Where they got their name

They get their name from their silvery color, scaly bodies, and the way they get around. Speaking of the way they move…

They Move in a Distinct Way

They move like a fish, moving their body side to side! Plus, they are very fast, outrunning their predators, like spiders. Good luck catching one!

They Live for a Long Time

For an insect, that is. They typically live between three and six years. Some make it to age eight! Unfortunately for you, that means you can’t just wait for them to die off.

They Have an Unusual Diet

Silverfish have mouthparts for chewing that some other insects don’t have. They love books! To eat them, that is. So much that they’ll make their home in your personal library or old photo albums and ruin them in the process. They will also eat clothing, oats, flour, and sugar. Scientists have even also observed cannibalistic behavior as they eat the skin of dead and injured bugs.

ExtermPRO Knows All about Silverfish

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