What Do Silverfish Eat?


Silverfish are elusive pests. Many homeowners wouldn’t even know they¬†had an infestation unless they noticed the telltale signs, often associated with what silverfish eat. Needless to say, this pest’s appetite can be categorized as unique.

What Do Silverfish Eat?


We think silverfish are the smartest bugs in your home. Not because they are particularly sneaky or have the biggest brains. It’s actually because they love to eat books! And your photo albums, wallpaper, and any other papers they find. They have this unique need to eat them because each of these things provides starches, an essential part of their diet.


Once again, silverfish don’t eat your clothing for the material, but rather the nutrients the material provides. They’re most likely to munch on clothing found in warm, humid places. Plus, they show preference to fabrics stored away with food stains.

Your Food

They like your food too! Be sure to properly store away your baking supplies and sugary foods, which happen to be a favorite.

Keep Your Books and Clothes Safe with ExtermPRO.

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