How to Get Rid of Flying Ants


Yes, there is something worse than having ants make themselves too comfortable around your home: having flying ants invade your space! These pests point to a mature ant colony, making them a bad sign for your pest problem. Today, we’re taking a look at how you can get rid of flying ants.

How to Identify Flying Ants

Did you know that every ant colony has members that fly? It’s not a specific variety. They are called alates, swarmers, or reproductives. You don’t see them very often because they only come into your home when the colony has already marked their territory. Plus, they aren’t around year-round. You’ll likely only see them after a heavy rainfall certain seasons of the year.

You might know of another, intimidating pest with wings: termites. In fact, many flying ants are mistaken for termites and vice versa. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that ants have elbowed antenna, a thin thorax, and wings that are not equal in size.

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants

Like ants in general, flying ants can be challenging to get rid of. If you choose to DIY their removal, your most thorough solution is to eliminate the colony, which you can do by placing bait traps that attract ants and bring poison back to the nest.

Of course, contacting a professional is the easiest and most effective option. A company like ExtermPRO knows how to get rid of ants for good, which is particularly important when a colony has reached the size of having flying ants invade your home.

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