Types of Ants in Virginia


As every homeowner in the area knows, there are many types of ants in Virginia, none of which are welcomed in your home. Do you know how to identify which kind is invading your space? Find out.

Types of Ants in Virginia

Little Black Ants

As you guessed it, little black ants are tiny and jet black. Their colonies are small compared to other ant varieties, but they are tough to get rid of. Once their colony is disturbed, they will pick up and move elsewhere, continuing to cause problems for you.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are some of the most threatening for your home. They are large—a quarter inch to half an inch long—and black with long antennae. They eat moist, decayed wood and will eventually start munching on the foundation of your home, sometimes spelling disaster.

Odorous House Ants

As the name suggests, these house ants smell, and not in a good way. Their smell is compared to a rotten, coconut-like odor. You’ll find them in your home when their colony gets so big that there isn’t enough food for everyone.  They make their nests in the soil.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants have a black body and a brown tint on their legs and antennae. While they normally make their nest in the soil and explore the pavement, they may come into your home for warmth during when the temperature drops.

Get Rid of Ants with Help

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