How to Remove a Yellow Jacket Nest


Yellow jackets are part of the wasp family, so you know they’re not a fun insect to have on your property. To get them gone, you have to eliminate the queen who lives in the hive. Getting rid of a yellow jacket nest is dangerous, but there are some things you should do if you dare remove it on your own.

How to Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Know if You’re Allergic

Yellow jackets are extremely defensive, and they will attack anyone who dares to threaten them. Be sure you are not allergic to wasp stings before you attempt to remove the nest on your own because anaphylactic shock from a sting can be fatal.

Act Fast

Because wasps build their nests in the springtime, that’s when there is less of a threat. Remove the nest at the first sign, and you’ll have a safer and easier experience.

Dress Correctly

While you hope to not be stung, you need to dress as if you will be attacked. Wear boots, heavy long pants, a jacket, hooded sweatshirt, hat, work gloves, and goggles before approaching the nest. Take extra precaution by using rubber bands to prevent gaps of your sleeves and pant legs.


There are aerosol sprays specifically designed to kill wasps. Stand as far away from the nest as possible and apply the insecticide at night, which is when yellow jackets are least active. Then retreat instantly. Later on, check the nest for noise. If it’s quiet, it’s likely safe to remove.

Ask ExtermPRO for Help.

Here’s the bottom line: you put yourself at risk when you try to handle a yellow jacket nest on your own. Having a professional exterminator come is the best way to keep your family safe. Call us today at 571-620-1168.

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