Three Reasons Ants Invade Your Home


You know ants have no place in your home, but these tiny pests think you have given them plenty of reasons to come inside. Here’s what’s causing ants to invade:

Why Ants Invade

1. Your Food

The most common reason that ants invade is because they have found access to sugars and uncovered foods. They find this food by sending scavengers all around your home. When found, they head back to their nest and send a message to the other workers that they found the jackpot: your pantry. And suddenly swarms of these ants will come into your house to pick up food for the rest of their colony.

2. Your Pet’s Food

Dog food can also lead to ant invasions, because the food is often sitting outside for extended periods of time. While many people control for their own food, they often forget about pet food and the way that pet food is often sitting in the same spot out in the open. Dog food, cat food, and any form of animal food can be a common source of ant invasions.

3. Nearby Nest/Openings

Surprisingly, the cause isn’t always food. In some cases, they just want to be your neighbors! When ant colonies form too close to your house and have too many hole opening on your property, they get overly comfortable in your space. To get rid of ants in this instance, you’ll need to have someone, like ExtermPRO, inspect the property thoroughly to find nearby colonies, eradicate them, and then seal the holes that they’re entering from.

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