Termites – What to Look For


Termites are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in damages annually in Virginia alone. Here in Gainesville, because we are surrounded by so much nature, we are especially prone to termites that come in from the forests in search of more food and places to grow. We are especially at risk for Eastern Subterranean termites, a type of termite that can grow into a big colony within only a few months and feed quickly. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to some of the early warning signs of termites in order to prevent more serious damage.

Early Termite Warning Signs

Although Eastern Subterranean Termites are an aggressive eating species, one advantage of struggling with this type of termite compared to some other species is that, if you’re looking for them, you may be able to spot issues with these termites before they become a more serious problem. Some termites species, like drywood termites, can be left undetected for years. But with subterranean termites, you can watch out for signs that include:

  • Mud Tunnels – Easily the most common way to catch these termites is to look for mud tunnels. Subterranean termites live underground and dislike the sun, so in order to travel to your property from their colonies, they build tunnels of mud that you can often see leading up to your property from an outside location. If you walk around your property, you should be able to spot mud tunnels if they’re present.
  • Discarded Wings – Termites, before they start building a colony, will swarm around your property. When they find a place they like, they’ll land and start discarding their wings. If you spot a buildup of unexplained insect wings, there is a good chance that those wings were caused by termites that are looking to make your property their next source of food.
  • Dead Termites – The presence of even one dead termite anywhere near your property is almost always evidence of a larger invasion. Termites do not venture out far from their home, which means that if you spot a termite anywhere, living or dead, that almost always means you have termites even if you cannot otherwise find a colony.

As the termite invasion gets worse, you may notice other signals as well. For example, wood that has been eaten for a wall will sound hollow to the touch. Termites also have this unusual habit to protect their feeding habits, where they bang their heads into the wall when they feel threatened, and it is often possible to hear those noises if you tap on a place you suspect has termites.

Eventually, there will be external signs like misshapen and damaged wood, and other more clear visible signs of termites. At that point, the invasion is likely extensive.

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