Early Warning Signs of Rat Invasions


Rats are the one type of wildlife that typically thrives living in human dwellings. While there are many different animal invaders, such as squirrels, birds, and bats, it’s rats and mice that find that they have everything they need when they make their way into your property, including not only food and shelter, but also ample room to run around safe from outdoor predators.

You can have rats living in your home for years and still never see one. They’re nighttime creatures, great at hiding, and may not ever need to make their way into your kitchen. Many rats live inside of your walls and venture outside of your home to feed on your trash, nearby fruit, and other waste before they head back into your property to rest and sleep. While some may be bold enough to waltz inside, others are perfectly content finding hidden passages and secret entranceways both inside and outside of your home in order to find food and water without ever being noticed.

That means that you’ll need to watch for signs of rats, even if you never see one, to make sure that you don’t have a growing invasion and to get rid of rats faster and in a more cost efficient way.

Signs of Rats on a Property

Rather than wait until an invasion has grown out of control, it is a good idea to look for any early warning signs that rats may have found their way onto your property. Some of the most common early signs of rats includes:

  • Scratching/Squeeking Noises – At night, typically around 9 to 11pm, you may hear what sounds like scratching, scuffling, or squeaking sounds in the walls or under the flooring. That is when rats are their most active, and the most common warning signs of a rat invasion. As soon as you hear these noises, it is a good idea to call for an inspection.
  • Droppings – Another sign of rats that often can be spotted early is the presence of droppings, typically in hidden areas such as the corners of a room or inside of boxes (places where rats may run and hide). Rats leave a lot of feces behind, so if you have rats and you happen to find yourself in an area they’re congregating, you should be able to see droppings.
  • Unexplained Electrical Issues – Though it can be difficult to spot, rats have a tendency to chew at wiring, and that can lead to electrical problems such as plugs that no longer work or lights that flicker more than they used to.
  • Rub Marks – Rats navigate by rubbing their bodies against the wall. Their hairs and skin are filled with grease and oils, so as they rub against the walls, it tends to leave behind rub marks that are easily noticeable if you see them in light.

More severe infestations are more likely to have rat nests, chew marks, and other signs that you may also come across. But in the early stages, the above list represents some of the more common issues that you’ll notice, especially early on.

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