Spider Spotlight: House Spiders

Friend or Foe?


Of all the pests we deal with, we don’t worry about seeing a house spider or two. While no one wants to share their space with a pest of any sort, we can appreciate this one isn’t threatening and can actually help you keep other pests away.

What do they look like? Like other spiders, house spiders have eight legs, and the colors vary between yellow and brown. They grow to be 1/4″ to 1/2″ long.

Are house spiders dangerous? No. In fact, they are helpful to have around because they eat other pests that might make their way into your home.

Are they common in northern Virginia? House spiders are everywhere, including in every home.

When should you worry about house spiders? Finding spiders here and there does not indicate a problem. However, if you suddenly see many more than normal, you need to investigate. Spiders go where there is food, so if you’re finding more, you might find a more significant pest issue.

Are Too Many House Spiders in Your Home?

Call your neighborhood pest pros at ExtermPRO. While it’s typical to see a few spiders here and there, finding many might mean you have a deeper pest problem to address. We’re here to help with your pest problems big and small and have a Pest Protection Plan dedicated to preventative care.

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